Air Conditioner Maintenance

Many homeowners rely on their air conditioner to keep them comfortable during the hot summer months. They provide a lot of comfort and can keep the humidity as far away as possible when the hot sun starts to come out. We are used to having them around, but if we ignore them and they malfunction, we will notice the discomfort in no time. While a lot of the maintenance that is necessary for an air conditioner happens during the summer, there are a few different steps that you can take to help make sure it survives the winter too. 

How to Take Care of My Air Conditioner in the Winter? 

To help make sure that your home is able to stay at a good temperature all throughout the year, you need to have a good maintenance plan in place for the air conditioner for your home. As you get closer to winter and you notice the temperatures are dropping, you need to take some extra care of the exterior unit due to the fact that it is exposed to the elements when it starts to snow. 

You should take the time to add some winter air conditioner maintenance to-do list to keep your system safe. This can help to avoid some potential damage to the unit due to the water and lower temperatures and will keep your home safe and cool at all times. Some of the steps that you can take to help care for your air conditioner in the winter includes: 

Turn It Off 

Before you do any of the maintenance tasks you want on the air conditioner, you need to make sure the power supply to the unit is turned off. This ensures that the AC isn’t going to pose a hazard to you or anyone else while they inspect and clean it. This also ensures that the unit is not going to turn on by accident if it gets warm one day during the winter. 

You should be able to find the power switch to the air conditioner in a box attached to the outside of the house. The box will be included with plastic or a metal cover. You will see the switch when you lift up that cover. Simply flip it from On to Off and then place the cover back on to get this done. 

Clean It 

Over the year, you will find that the air conditioner unit is going to accumulate a lot of debris and leaves as well. You need to clean off this area to help you clear it off and make it easier to see what is inside. Sweep the area with a broom to make sure you clear away as much of the grime as possible. Then you can use a hose to remove the rest of the dirt. Then you can give the dirt time to dry before you get started with some of the maintenance tasks that you will need to do. 

It may take a little time, but cleaning is going to do some wonders for making sure your unit is protected from malfunctions caused by clogging. You should be careful about choosing the day when you do the cleaning. Avoid doing this on a windy day so that dirt and leaves are not blown inside of the unit. 

Check It 

Your air conditioner needs to be carefully inspected. You can choose to do some of the work on your own or have a professional come in and do the work for you. Take a look at the outside of the unit, looking for signs of cracks, corrosion, and any of the other issues that may come up. Take a good look at the seals to help assess the condition they may be in at that time. 

As you do this inspection, it is possible you will find something that is broken or looks a bit suspicious. If this is true for you, then it is time to get an expert in to take a look and get it fixed for you. If you do not have the experience to do this yourself, then it is dangerous to give it a try. A good HVAC technician will be able to fix it quickly and can help your air conditioner last a lot longer. 

Protect It 

You can then take the time to protect the unit to make sure that it is not going to get any water or ice inside. You should consider covering and insulating the AC unit to make sure that it will not get ruined in the process. Go with a cover that has a breathable material and is able to handle the weather in your area and keeps all of the dirt out of it. You need to make sure it is tied up securely with a cord so it will not blow away, but make sure that it doesn’t hug too much because this has been known to promote more moisture inside. 

You should also take some time to work on the pipes and the wiring in the AC unit. You can get some foam pipe insulation and stick it in place with duct tape. This extra step can provide some more of the insulation that you need and you will find that it will ensure the pipes and wiring will not crack if the temperature goes down low in the winter. 

When you are worried about your air conditioner being safe in the winter, you need to take the right steps to make sure that it is going to run well and work for you. Our Spring Hill AC repair is some of the best in the area, helping you with routine maintenance or any of the repairs that your air conditioning unit is going to need along the way. Your air conditioner is an important element of your home to make sure that you are able to keep the home cool and comfortable all summer long. And by utilizing the tips above and trusting our professional HVAC technicians, you can get the air conditioner to work well and last for many years to come.

We hope you found this blog post on Air Conditioner Maintenance in the Winter useful. Be sure to check out our post on DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for more great tips!

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