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An air conditioner is absolutely essential in many homes, especially those living in hot climates where summer weather can be unbearable! Despite the heat, they keep you and the family cool and comfortable, making sure that you can perform your daily chores and activities efficiently.

They provide other benefits, including better ventilation and air filtration for less air pollution. Unfortunately, they can be quite pricey to run and, if not maintained properly, can have expensive repair costs in case of damage.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to use and maintain your air conditioner properly! Whether you have an Aircon in Indooroopilly or in other hot climates around the world, you’ll find a lot of help in this quick guide on keeping your A/C running efficiently.

How to Maintain Your Air conditioning

No one wants to deal with a broken air conditioner during the hottest times of the year. Nor would you want to pay for expensive repairs that could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

With that in mind, here are quick tips to save your wallet from investing in a new air conditioner when you can take care of the one you have now:

Your Air Conditioner Should Be Checked Regularly

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. This is true of our appliances and gadgets!

Anything we use regularly but leave unmaintained will end up running down and wearing itself out. When it comes to your air conditioner, be sure to check how it’s running, even if you’ve been using it for less than a year.

Even if you clean your air conditioner’s filters and try your best to keep it in good condition, have you ever stopped to inspect it? Even a slight change in the way it looks or sounds can indicate an issue that can be fixed before it worsens.

That is why we recommend that you check your air conditioning unit every now and then to spot any changes. If you notice odd noises or leaks, contact a professional to have it checked and repaired right away.

Control Usage

One of the best ways to maintain your air conditioner is actually very simple: it’s to moderate its usage. Think of it like how you would control how much you eat, with too much of a good thing being bad.

If you leave your air conditioner running almost 24/7 non-stop, you’re left with an expensive electricity bill. Not only that, but you would overwork your air conditioner, which results in a shorter lifespan.

That is why you need to be wise when using your air conditioning unit, and to moderate its usage. You can start doing so by following the recommendations of the unit’s manufacturer and to consider using a timer.

Some air conditioners today permit you to connect the air conditioner’s controller with your smartphone, so you can control the unit using your phone, monitoring and limiting its use. You can control the program and limit its use according to your budget, the temperature, how long you want it running, and the energy used.

Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter Regularly, Too!

This may not be a ‘hack’ for some people, but it is crucial to maximizing the usage of your air conditioner.

If you have an dirty filter, it would clog the air flow, preventing your unit from cooling properly. Be sure that you clean or replace air filters regularly for your air conditioner to cool down the house efficiently, which can also save you money since clean filters prevent your unit from working harder and consuming more electricity.

Also clean out your air conditioner’s front panel, removing anything that might clog it and cause it to exert more energy to. This will help with the unit’s performance, and also lessen indoor air pollution from dust and dirt your filters collect.

Wrapping Up

Heating and cooling bills can make up more than half of your utility expenses, which makes air conditioning one of the largest energy expenses. In addition, it can be costly to repair these units because of problems caused by preventable issues. Fortunately, there are easy tips you can follow to prevent spending so much while still enjoying your air conditioner, while saving money and hassle along the way.

We hope you found this blog post Hacks to Maintain an Air Conditioner Effectively useful. Be sure to check out our post Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit With Air Conditioner Covers for more great tips!


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