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Cardboard boxes have been a part of our lives since forever. You may have some, because you just moved to a new home or because you’re shopping more stuff online lately. Still, they don´t have to be useless after they fulfilled their purpose. There are many creative ways in which you can turn them into beautiful crafts and useful items for your home, instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard is very easy to recycle. As long as you do it properly, you can reduce your waste in a significant way. Almost every city has some office or facility that takes care of recyclable items and would be happy to take your cardboard boxes to be recycled; you just have to bring them broken and flattened down.

Some places have a pickup service, so they would come by your home and take the boxes. Some other places require you to bring your cardboard to their facility or a collection point. Whichever option you can find near you, make sure to call ahead and ask for information on the rules and requirements they have for taking your recyclable cardboard.

But if you are one someone who likes to repurpose things by turning them into useful home items, continue reading to get some fantastic ideas.

Ideas to Reuse Cardboard Boxes at Home

Storage bins. This may seem like the most obvious way to reuse your cardboard boxes, but using them for storage doesn’t have to be boring. You can give them new life by wrapping them in nice-looking paper or fabrics or by painting them in cool colors that match your home décor, and you can mix colors and patterns to give your home a more creative look.

Rack for Shoes. You can build a shoe rack with the boxes that shoes already come in. You just have to glue the boxes together so the structure feels more stable, and you can paint or wrap the boxes in fabric to make the rack look more even and make it match your room colors.

Dividers for drawers. Keep your things organized by making cardboard dividers for your drawers, whether for kitchen utensils, for your socks and underwear drawer, or for the bathroom drawers; these can help keep things in their place.

Home Décor With Cardboard

Frames for your photos. Photo frames can be costly depending on the material they’re made of, but luckily for us, they can be made with cardboard and still look pretty if you decorate them with whatever you consider will match your home décor. Take the picture you want to frame and cut two cardboard pieces that are the same size, one rectangle and one frame, and glue them together, leaving one side open to slide in the photo.

Cardboard Lamps. Cut the cardboard into geometric shapes and turn it into a beautiful lamp or lantern to enhance the look of your home.

Repurpose Cardboard for Your Pets

Cat scratchers. You can make your cat’s scratcher with used cardboard. There is no need to spend a lot of money on these kinds of things that way, and you won’t feel bad when you throw it into the recycling bin once your cat is done with it.

A house for your dog. Cardboard is an excellent material for a dog house, and it’s super easy to make; it can also be a good hiding spot for your furry friend. You just have to cut a rectangle, simulating a door big enough for your pet to be able to get in the box, put something soft inside, like a cushion with a blanket and your dog’s favorite toy, and there you have a great doghouse!

Repurpose Cardboard into Office Supplies

Filing cabinet. You can use boxes to keep and store books, documents, files, and other stuff you don’t want to throw away but also don’t want to keep in plain sight. Cardboard boxes can be painted in colors and labelled to make them look prettier in your storage room or closet, and keep your stuff organized.

Stationery. You can create your own office stationery supplies by decorating your boxes, using fabric or some decorative paper to wrap them, adding ribbons or any other touches you like. You can turn oatmeal boxes into pen holders or cut cereal boxes diagonally and use them to store files.

Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Playhouse. Creating a playhouse for children can be a super fun and entertaining activity for both adults and kids. Take a big box where your child can fit in, and with a box cutter, cut out windows and doors, then let your kids be creative and add decorating touches, draw curtains and paint the interior of the box or create cardboard furniture; they are actually allowed to paint on these walls!

Fort. Turning boxes into a fort can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose; you can place many boxes together to simulate tunnels and rooms inside the fort, and kids will enjoy crawling and hiding inside the large structure. If you are doing this outside in the backyard, just keep an eye on the weather to make sure it doesn’t start raining.

Cardboard boxes can be fun and entertaining for kids and pets. With some imagination and creativity, you can reduce your household waste and lessen your carbon footprint by giving longer life and new purpose to all those boxes you saved!

We hope you found this blog post Awesome Home Crafts You can Do With Repurposed Cardboard Boxes useful. Be sure to check out our post Ways to Reuse Cardboard Moving Boxes for more great tips!


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