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Shoe racks are an essential part of any house. They keep a house mess-free, clean and tidy. If kept in a shoe rack, shoes too can maintain good condition and a proper shape. But we often do not pay much heed to them, and many people do not even know that there are many different kinds of shoe racks available to choose from, to meet different requirements.

This post will help you learn more about the kinds of shoe racks and get a better understanding of their functionality.

Different Kinds of Shoe Racks or Stands


Often, shoe racks are made available with separate cubes to store your shoes individually and maintain the uniqueness of each of your shoes. This will make sure that none of your shoes gets lost, or gets mixed with another pair. But cube shoe racks are limited in storage space to the number of cubes or boxes that can be placed.

Hanging shoe pouches:

This could be a hanging shoe rack that you can put up on the back of your door. You can place your shoes hanging on the shoe rack at a 45-degree angle to increase the storage space.


Shoe racks are similar to shoe shelves. You place each shoe sideways on the flat shelf, and take it out by the heels, when required. Flat racks are the most common shoe racks found in retail stores and and in houses.

A 5-tier shoe rack: 

A 5 tier shoe rack is commonly seen in households with bigger families. It is usually found near the entrance so people can easily choose the pair they want to wear at that moment. A 5 tier shoe rack is a shoe-lover’s paradise.

A shoe shelf:

We all know what a shelf looks like. A shoe shelf is similar. A shoe shelf usually has four or five available shelves. You can easily add more shelves as needed.

A folding shoe rack:

This comes handy when you don’t have too many shoes, and you want to store your shoe rack effectively. The rack can be folded flat or into itself. These have hinges in the joints that allow the rack to fold. It saves up a lot of space. If storage space is at a premium in your home, it is best to buy a folding rack, so that you can fold it or lay it flat as needed.

Wooden crate racks:

This is a DIY shoe rack, which you can easily make by nailing a few wooden crates together. You can mix and match colors and wood types and create a haphazard shape of your choice. If you have identical cubic wooden boxes, make a uniform-looking rack and expand it as desired. If the wooden boxes are of mixed shapes, nail them together to create a quirky design, making it look dynamic.

A metal mesh rack:

A metal mesh rack is quite similar to the wooden ones but it is more durable. A sleek metal rack gives your house or room a unique aesthetic.

A storage rack for boots:

Boots may look super stylish but are difficult to store, especially if they are tall. You cannot fold and store boots, as that would be bad for the boots and cause creases in the material. So, before you start investing in a lot of boots, make sure you get a boot storage rack. The unique feature of these racks is that the height between two shelves is much more than for regular racks. This makes sure that the boots get enough space to stand straight.

Shoe rack with a bench:

The shoe rack with a bench works best if you have disabled or elderly people at home who find it difficult to put on shoes while standing. It also makes it easier to put on tie-up shoes. This is a good combination that is useful and saves a lot of space.

Shoe cabinet:

Shoe cabinets are similar to shoe shelves, with just one addition: small swinging doors. They are sleek and stylish, and have enough space to hold shoes and accessories like socks and stockings. For more private people, closed-door shoe cabinets are ideal. If you want your home to stay organized, shoe cabinets, which are meant to be durable, are a good choice.

While there are a number of options available in the market, be sure about your requirement before you buy shoe racks online or in a store.

We hope you found this blog post What Are the Different Types of Shoe Racks? useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Shoe Closet for more great tips!


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