B2B marketing for your moving company

As we move deeper into the new era of digital marketing, it is more important than ever for businesses to have strong marketing techniques to keep up with the competition. A robust B2B marketing technique provides them with a strong customer base and a healthy growing business.

Moving companies today are no different – they need good marketing to stay relevant and competitive. We have selected a few B2B marketing tips for moving companies that we think will help them with the growth of their business.

Although these tips are focused on moving companies, most businesses, small or large, can all take advantage of them.

1.     Referrals & Networking

This may seem elementary and obvious, but many moving companies are not clear on their referral business. Sure, they may get a lot of customers through referrals, but they lack structure in their referral strategy and often simply ‘wing it’.

Referral is a great way to grow your business because it is an organic growth that depends on word-of-mouth. It is conducted on the basis of trust and reputation, and as such, it should be treated carefully. To gain referrals, you must first have a network.

Speaking to your nearby leading real estate agents is a great start, they are constantly dealing with clients that require moving, and are open to referring good moving companies if they trust their work. If you build a reliable, long term network of real estate agents, you can gain a steady flow of customers.

You also need to create a clear and fair value incentive structure for agents or even existing customers that refer you to others. Doing so will encourage them to refer you and help grow your business. Always remember that monetary incentive alone will not help the growth of your referral business, the work must speak for itself.

2.     Dynamic Website

Referrals and networking are tried and tested strategies that have been working for as long as B2B companies have existed but the modern age needs modern strategies. A dynamic website is the first most important step toward engaging the ever-growing online business market.

You want to invest in developing a vibrant website that is constantly updated to keep prospects engaged and interested. A static and unchanging website gives the impression that your business itself is static and unchanging.

Adding valuable content on a regular basis will make your website a dynamic one that encourages traffic and prospects to keep returning. Regular pictures, videos and blog posts should all be on your content calendar to get the best out of your website traffic.

Adding landing pages that offer new service packages, deals and discounts will also promote interest and grow business. A good website is always user-friendly with a clear design and safety structure including contact information, legal information, privacy policy and terms of use.

This helps legitimize your website and promotes a better user experience. Another important and useful part of creating your website is to make sure it has a user-friendly and fully functioning mobile version because most of your prospects will be visiting your website from mobile devices.

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3.     Social Media & SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a primary method of B2B marketing and an excellent way to boost traffic and gain ranks on search engine results pages when someone has a question related to your business. SEO rankings may take some time and effort but if you deliver good content on your page, it can prove to be very fruitful for your business in the long run.

Along with optimizing your website and content, social media platforms offer a sound way to engage and keep prospects interested. You want to create vibrant, relevant profiles and pages that are updated regularly.

You should also opt to invest in some social media marketing to reach wider audiences and grow business. Most importantly, social media platforms are not just for engaging individual customers anymore. More and more businesses and professionals are using it to connect with one another.

This makes social media platforms a great way for B2B companies to interact and expand business. Networking sites like LinkedIn offer more value in prospecting and lead generation than any other online outlet. Utilizing these channels can heavily promote B2B marketing for your moving company.

4.     Build Trust & Credibility

Building trust is extremely important for any B2B company that wants to grow and an integral part of B2B marketing. This is mainly because no credible and reliable business wants to work with companies that are not credible and reliable themselves.

There are some authorities in the moving business that can help you gain credibility through trust seals which can be displayed on your website and other marketing outlets. The main authorities that moving companies should focus on are American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

AMSA is the biggest and most popular association for moving companies in America, and becoming a member can be hugely beneficial because most businesses and customers recognize and trust the AMSA seal. Over time, you will be promoted to ‘Pro Mover’, which is supplementary to the AMSA seal.

On the other hand, BBB is the most trusted business accreditation your moving company can acquire to build trust and credibility. Most customers and businesses trust BBB and a high ranking from them can prove most beneficial for conversions and sales.

5.     Outsourced Cold Calling & Appointment Setting

Using services of B2B cold calling companies to engage relevant prospects and solicit business through prospecting, B2B lead generation, lead nurturing, qualifying and/or appointment setting is a proactive sales and marketing technique that is similarly advantageous as direct referrals.

Your sales and marketing strategy can greatly benefit from these outsourced cold calling campaigns by generating leads, qualifying/disqualifying and creating warm sales appointments with well-qualified leads so your sales team can focus on closing more sales. Another great marketing approach is a pay-per-click advertising campaign such as the one offered by Dagmarmarketing.com.

Most businesses struggle to generate high-quality leads at scale due to a lack of standard processes and limited internal bandwidth. This is why outsourced cold calling is vital to any B2B company looking to expand their business.

We hope you found this blog post B2B Marketing Tips For Moving Companies useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving Your Business Without Losing Money for more great tips!


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