storm door at the front of a house

When it comes to storm protection devices, impact doors and hurricane shutters are preferred. They are sturdy and protect your home from hailstorms, rains, dust, and wind. To safeguard your home against tough weather with storm protection doors, it is important that you do some research and consider installation, repair, and maintenance.

Let us understand the benefits of installing storm protection doors that help you protect your home during the stormy season.

One-Time Installation

You need to invest in storm protection doors once, and your job is done. As for hurricane shutters, you will need to put them up during the hurricane season. Taking down hurricane shutters may be a tiring task, but you can save some effort with storm protection doors, which need to be installed just once.

Long-Term Protection

As storm protection doors need to be installed once, they require less maintenance even during the stormy season. They provide long-term protection against flying debris, shingles, dust, and heavy rains. During the storm, your home may be vulnerable to these threats but properly installed storm protection doors make your task to protect your home.

Energy Efficient

During the summer, the summer weather may result in fluctuating utility bills. However, storm protection doors can reduce solar heat gain, and you can retain heat in your home efficiently. This, in turn, helps you save on your electricity bill.

Stylish Appearance

While you want your impact doors and windows to be sturdy, they also look new and stylish. You can benefit from both their toughness and their style. Not only do you protect your home against the raging weather, but you can also make your home look good.

Noise Reduction

You may want to enjoy your family time even during a storm. With storm protection doors, it is possible. When you install impact doors, you are insulated from sounds of the rain and winds. If you live on a busy street or near a highway, you need to screen out the traffic noise. Impact doors serve this purpose.

UV Protection

Storm protection doors and windows protect your home from ultraviolet light, which can cause damage to your paint, photographs, and fabrics. This means that installing impact doors turns out to be a worthwhile investment to protect your walls from discoloration and fading.


Yes, storm doors can improve the aesthetics of your home!

We all wish to impress our guests with a gorgeous home with a trendy and tastefully designed interior design. However, an entry door is that the very first thing your visitors will see once they visit your home, and hence, it should create the best first impression!

Today, storm protection doors are available in a wide variety of styles. You can find many elegant designs which can even be customized to your preferences and requirements. If crafted and installed with care, these multipurpose doors can enhance the general appearance of your house.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Impact doors and windows may let you enjoy a discount on homeowner’s insurance. Many insurance companies recognize storm protection devices as effective to reduce storm damage risk. You can enjoy savings while safeguarding your home against the stormy weather as insurance companies may offer reductions in insurance premiums.

Consult Storm Solution Experts

With all that said, you need an expert’s guidance while buying or installing storm protection doors. If you’re looking for easy installation at a competitive price, you can consult the Property Solutions team. Their expert technicians can help you manage installation, repair, and maintenance effectively.

We hope you found this blog post Benefits of Installing Storm Protection Doors useful. Be sure to check out our post How to Choose Right Material for Your Exterior Door for more great tips!


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