Moving to a New Home

Moving houses can be a thrilling and exciting experience. Whether you are upgrading to a bigger home or downsizing to a cozier space, there are many factors to consider. One important aspect that many homeowners overlook is the pool system. If you are moving to a home with a pool, it is essential to consider the benefits of upgrading to a pool salt system.

pool salt system is a type of pool sanitation system that uses salt to create chlorine. This system is often preferred by homeowners over traditional chlorine systems because it is more cost-effective, requires less maintenance, and is gentler on the skin and eyes. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading to a pool salt system when moving to a new home:


One of the primary benefits of a pool salt system is its cost-effectiveness. While traditional chlorine systems require constant purchases of chlorine tablets or liquid, a pool salt system uses salt, which is much cheaper and widely available. Once you have installed the system, you only need to add salt occasionally to maintain the correct levels.

In addition to saving money on chlorine, a pool salt system also saves on maintenance costs. Chlorine systems require frequent maintenance to ensure that the pH levels are balanced and the chlorine is at the correct level. However, a pool salt system requires less maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

Requires Less Maintenance

A pool salt system requires less maintenance than traditional chlorine systems. With a traditional chlorine system, you need to add chlorine tablets or liquid frequently to maintain the correct levels. In contrast, a pool salt system only requires you to add salt occasionally.

Furthermore, a pool salt system does not produce as many byproducts as a chlorine system. Chlorine systems can produce harmful byproducts, such as chloramines, which can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems. A pool salt system, on the other hand, produces fewer byproducts, making it a healthier choice for you and your family.

Gentler on Skin and Eyes

Another benefit of a pool salt system is that it is gentler on your skin and eyes. Chlorine can be harsh on the skin, causing dryness and irritation. In addition, chlorine can also cause redness and irritation in the eyes. A pool salt system, however, uses salt to create chlorine, which is much gentler on the skin and eyes.

In fact, many people with sensitive skin or allergies to chlorine find that a pool salt system is a better option. The gentler nature of a pool salt system means that you can spend more time in the pool without experiencing any discomfort.

Better for the Environment

A pool salt system is also better for the environment than traditional chlorine systems. Chlorine can be harmful to the environment if it is not disposed of properly. In addition, the production of chlorine tablets or liquid requires a significant amount of energy and resources.

A pool salt system, however, uses salt, which is a natural and renewable resource. Furthermore, the system produces fewer harmful byproducts, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Pool Salt Systems May Add Value To Your New Property

Having a pool salt system can make a home more appealing to buyers who are environmentally conscious, have sensitive skin or allergies, or are looking for a low-maintenance option. It can also be seen as a desirable upgrade from a traditional chlorine system, which may be less attractive to buyers.

In addition, having a pool salt system can be seen as a value-added feature that sets a home apart from others on the market. This can be particularly advantageous in areas where many homes have pools, as it can help a home stand out in a competitive market.

Ultimately, whether or not a pool salt system adds to a home’s value will depend on various factors, such as the local real estate market, the overall condition of the pool and other features of the property, and the preferences and priorities of potential buyers. However, having a pool salt system is definitely a positive selling point that can help make a home more attractive to a wider range of buyers.

Easy to Install

Finally, a pool salt system is easy to install. While traditional chlorine systems can be complicated and time-consuming to install, a pool salt system can be installed quickly and easily. In fact, many homeowners choose to install the system themselves, saving money on installation costs.

Furthermore, a pool salt system requires less equipment than a traditional chlorine system, making it a simpler option. With fewer components to maintain, a pool salt system is easier to troubleshoot and repair if any issues arise.


In conclusion, upgrading to a pool salt system when moving to a new home is a smart choice. The facts that it is low-maintenance, gentler on the skin and eyes, possibly value-adding, and is an eco-friendly amenity make it an ideal home upgrade. Though a move may require you to spend on some necessities, many moving households have proven that a pool salt system is a justified and an economical expense.

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