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Moving to a new city is never easy, and finding a place to live is a significant issue. When assessing your alternatives, there are many factors to consider, including house designs, neighborhood safety, the standard of the local schools, and geographical convenience. We looked into Orlando’s burgeoning communities for you because of this.

If you are determined to live in the neighborhood of your dreams, you must pay more attention to emerging and underappreciated communities than to well-known ones. Here are the best new places to live in Orlando, FL.

Lake Nona

This bustling suburb is close to everything people want downtown and less than 20 miles from the city core. Lake Nona is one of the Central Florida communities with the highest population growth thanks to its excellent schools, low crime rate, and popular local events.

This area has townhouses, condominiums, apartments, and even luxury residences. Orlando, FL realtors can help you find your ideal house in Lake Nona, regardless of your price range. This is particularly true given that Lake Nona’s housing and property costs are modest compared to other neighborhoods.

This brand-new community has a lively dining and shopping district, miles of trails, expansive parks, and abundant sporting possibilities at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.

This is one of our top choices for emerging neighborhoods in Orlando because of its friendly and upbeat atmosphere, which lures an increasing number of inhabitants.The average cost of a home in Lake Nona is $320,000, and the average price per square foot is about $144.

College park

You are likely in College Park if the street you’re on has an Ivy League school name, like Princeton, Harvard, or Yale. You should consider investing in this neighborhood, one of the top emerging neighborhoods, while the costs are still reasonable. The proximity of College Park to Orlando is the primary factor driving the current influx of residents into the area. 

In essence, those who live in this area will reap all the advantages of being close to the city center without dealing with the usual drawbacks, such as crime and a high poverty rate.The median cost of homes in College Park is about $274,500, while the median price per square foot is $189.

Thornton park

Thornton Park, located on the eastern side of Lake Eola Park, is regarded as one of Orlando’s swankiest neighborhoods. This is where you will likely find independent music playing in various distinctive venues and where restaurants are tucked amid bungalows and condominiums.

Thornton Park is a beautiful area with an urban-suburban vibe, with eateries, shops, festivals, and a weekly farmers market. Young professionals could find this area to be suitable. Being one of Orlando’s central street districts, you’ll discover that there are constantly festivities to enjoy, such as an Art & Wine Walk every second Thursday of the month.

The area’s historic mansions and opulent apartments contribute to Thornton Park’s ranking as Orlando’s second-best neighborhood, and it’s just a short 10-minute walk from the city’s financial district. Hillcrest Elementary School, Howard Middle School, and Boone High School are three of the Thornton Park public schools that have received above-average ratings.The neighborhood has residences with an average value of $467257.

Audubon park

Audubon Park scores highly on our list thanks to its vibrant eateries, farmers’ markets, and local activities in the area. But what distinguishes Audubon Park from other rising sites is its emphasis on organic food and commitment to protecting the environment. Atlanta Magazine referred to Audubon Park as Orlando’s “most talked about community” because its inhabitants and businesses take their commitment to building a sustainable community very seriously. 

The best schools in Audubon Park include Orlando Science Charter School, Lake Eola Charter School, and Audubon Park Elementary School. As you might have suspected, nature, sustainability, and wildlife are significant themes in the nearby activities and locations in Audubon Park.Join the farmers and foodies at the East End Market to see how this community appreciates their labor of love. You’ll come across a bunch of friendly neighborhood gardeners, bakers, and roasters of coffee. Most houses in this area are attractive and reasonably priced Craftsman bungalows with an average listing price of $497,000.

Loch haven park

Loch Haven Park, located North of Orlando’s central business district, is a modest but charming area with a long history. The fact that Loch Haven Park acts as a significant cultural hub for Florida makes it unique. The Orlando Science Center, Orlando Museum of Art, Loch Haven Community Center, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, and Mennello Museum of American Art are prominent cultural landmarks in Loch Haven Park.

Although the cost of a house in Loch Haven Park is relatively modest, you may anticipate a rise in price as more people who value art and culture become aware of Loch Haven’s cultural relevance to Orlando.The median cost of a home in Loch Haven Park is about $273,840, while the median price for a square foot is about $138.

Milk district

New residents are moving into this trendy cultural center. An eclectic mix is settling in thanks to The Milk District’s vibrant music and arts scene, numerous dining options, and award-winning bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. You can get by car from The Milk District to downtown in a few minutes. Despite all the alternatives available in The Milk District, most inhabitants stay put and explore their neighborhoods. 

The leading schools in The Milk District include, among others, Hope Charter School and Orlando Science Charter School. Additionally, the Milk District’s small neighborhood is home to several fantastic eateries and pubs, and finding affordable housing is still simple. The median home price in this area is about $167,000, but most citizens rent, paying less than $1,000 per month.

Final thoughts

Orlando, FL, is a great place to call home. It offers abundant activities, top-notch schools, fantastic employment possibilities, and lovely weather. No matter where you travel, the neighborhoods around Orlando have much to offer. Choose the community that best suits your taste!

We hope you found this blog post on Best New Places To Live In Orlando, FL useful. Be sure to check out our post on Move To Orlando, FL to Live, Work and Play for more great tips! By the way, Fort Lauderdale, FL is a place to consider, just mentioning..


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