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You won’t regret your decision when making a long distance move to Orlando. Whether you’re coming from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or elsewhere, here are some reasons why you should move to Orlando. Located in the heart of central Florida, Orlando is a world class city that continues to grow, evolve and prosper. Here are some reasons why you should move to Orlando.

Why should I move to Orlando?

You should move to Orlando because of the employment opportunities that being a tourist spot brings, the arts and culture, the warm neighborhoods, and the world famous theme parks.

The City Beautiful

Orlando is affectionately known as the “City Beautiful” (as well as “O Town”). It’s no surprise that Orlando welcomes over 50 million tourists every year, thanks to being the home of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. The area is also an outdoor paradise with all the wetlands, swamps, and small lakes. You can enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping. Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes. Orlando has also been called Hollywood East because of numerous cinematic enterprises in the area.


If you are considering a long distance move to Orlando, you will notice that the city has plenty of employment to offer. Particularly in the year-round tourist industry. Orlando has the second largest number of hotel rooms in the country (after Las Vegas, Nevada). Orlando is the Travel & Tourism capital of the United States. You won’t be disappointed in the area’s job prospects.

Home to a major industrial center with many opportunities in the currently-booming technological sector. Likewise, it’s home to the Central Florida Research Center, this area in Orlando holds 120 companies that employ approximately 9,000 residents. You can set your focus on taking advantage of the low unemployment rate compared to the rest of the country.


While visitors are familiar with Orlando’s theme park locations, many are unaware of the personality, character, and charm the surrounding neighborhoods have to offer. There’s plenty of restaurants to enjoy after a busy day of riding roller coasters, shopping, or if you simply want a quiet spot to enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Orlando has a surprising variety of communities and places to explore. From upbeat and energetic, to urban and tranquil. The ideal city for families to settle and move here. Moving to Orlando definitely has a lot of advantages.

Arts and Culture

Another reason to consider your long distance move to Orlando is all the exciting things you can do while living there. Whether it’s dining, shopping, night life, or attractions there is always something to do in Orlando. Imagine 450 year-round events to please everyone.

The city is also home to many performing arts centers, art galleries, cinemas, and music venues. Take the mix of legendary theme parks, spectacular museums, world-class entertainment, and blockbuster rides and attractions. It would take about 67 days to visit all of the entertaining offerings in Orlando.

Few destinations in the world come close to rivaling Orlando’s incredible year-round recreational offerings. There’s so many lake springs and rivers for swimming, boating, water skiing and fishing. Additionally, there’s 176 golf courses, 800 tennis courts, and 21 fitness trails for biking, walking or blading. The residents give Orlando’s multitude of recreational options a big thumbs-up.

We hope you enjoyed these reasons why you should move to Orlando. If you have decided to move, we can help!

Moving to Orlando shouldn’t be a hassle. Let a professional long distance moving company to Orlando do the work for you and make the move that will change your life as magical as possible.