7 Best Places To Live in New York

The Land of Free is the second name for the United States of America and nothing represents this feeling better than the statue of Liberty, in the heart of New York City. Here is a helpful list of the Best Places to Live in New York.

New York is the biggest metropolitan region in the U.S., home to 22 million people who speak over 200 different languages. The city attracts a huge crowd due to its historical background, largest skyscrapers, and diverse people.

Best Places to Live in New York:

As much as every person dreams to move to NYC, the city was not ranked too positively in the places to live in. The 2017 U.S. News and World Report listed it at the 80th spot among 100 best places to live in America.

Do not let that change your mind though, here are some other places to live in New York.

1. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge is one of the best places to live in the crowded areas of Brooklyn.

You can find a home under $1,000,000. Whereas the rent depends on each area, with the average cost for properties reported is the going area is $673,792, according to the ranking site, Niche.com.

The 60,500 locals of Bay Ridge appreciate the public transport which is easy to access and makes it easier to visit the local places.

2. Harlem, Manhattan

Seeing Harlem in this list may come as a surprise to you. As the place has a reputation for rappers, crime, economic loss, and a dying infrastructure. However, this side of the city took a turn in the 90s when urban endeavors began springing. Crime dropped to a new Los and the economic stability took over. Harlem, a town of $200,000 residents is one of the trendiest places to live in New York.

3. Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan

Battery Park City is a well-designed community of some 16,000 residents who are situated along the Hudson River. It is one of the best places to live in the entire New York. The best part about this area of the town is that you live close by the hustle of the big city yet far enough to enjoy the serene and quietness of the sea.

Living cost in Battery Park is like the other expensive places in New York. With the current rate for a home ranging to $1 million to somewhere between $1,200,000 and $1,500,000. And the rent lies in the bracket of $2,938.  You might think about getting moving quotes now.

4. Country Club, Bronx

A small town of approximately 8,500 locals, Country Club is a blend of working class and upper class, with salaries of $77,000 per household.

The area is peaceful, with good quality schools and places for the public to hang out. The club also has a safe and reasonable parking area for its residents.

5. Massapequa Park, Long Island

Massapequa Park, in Long Island, is another great place for families looking for a decent place to settle in New York.

Reason one, it’s that houses are very affordable and good in sizes in a town of some 17,000 residents in the Oyster Bay in Nassau County. The houses here value somewhere around $463,800 which is lesser than New York’s standards.

The schools in Long Island hold fantastic reputation and are rated 9 out of 10 in the best schools in New York list.

6. Kenmore, Buffalo

Kenmore makes its way into our list of best places to live in New York for two important reasons. It has the best Public school you would want to send your kids to and it is one of the cheapest places to live.

Average houses cost around $111,200 (who thought New York could be this cheap) and with rent prices also somewhere below $681 as compared to prices in Queens. This is good news for anyone who’s on a tight budget yet looking for a reasonable neighborhood to live in.

7. Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson heights speak for itself as one of the best places to live in New York for families. It has easy to access to school, public places, public transport and a diverse population in the city. Therefore making it a favorite for working parents and school going kids.

Jackson Heights is situated in the northwestern area of Queens, one of the most expensive areas to live in New York. The houses in this area are sold for $444,196 and even higher. On the other hand, the 112,800 residents find the neighborhood exceptionally attractive and are willing to pay a rent of $1387. This is far less than the $3,016 for an average apartment in Queens.

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