Cleaning Hacks That Make Chores Easier, Faster & Better!

Wondering where you can get house cleaning hacks that can simplify your cleaning tasks and make them stress-free, fast, and better?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with stains or rust; we got you covered. Still, whether you want to clean the carpet, the wall, the kitchen sinks, and the blinds, we have what you’re looking for.

And no, you won’t break your bank buying new cleaning tools and solutions.

On the contrary, we will discuss simple tricks with help from Cleanzen Service that no one ever told you about before.

A Piece Of Bread Will Pick Broken Pieces Of Glass

I accidentally broke my glass jug a couple of months ago. Knowing the danger of stepping on those tiny pieces of glass, I acted swiftly. I took a broom and a dirt collector. Several weeks later, I could still see some tiny pieces of glass. I didn’t know the trick; using a piece of wet bread.

So, grab a piece of bread. Apply a drop or two of water. Then, press it on the floor as you move around to collect all the tiny pieces. The bread will pick up even the hard-to-see pieces.

Rubber Gloves for Pet Fur Removal

Pets love playing on the sofas. Other times, they want to sleep on the carpet, next to your feet. With this trend, after a couple of days, you’ll have plenty of pet fur all over the house. How do you go about it without being harsh on the pet?

Wear your rubber gloves and run your hand on the sofa or carpet.

Due to the static caused by the rubber, the pet fur will cling to the latex. It’s simple!

Next, wash the gloves, dry them, and store them for the next round.

Lemons Clean the Microwaves

Over time, food will spill in your microwave. In the future, as you continue microwaving, those food residues will get burnt, thus causing a foul smell. Don’t fret.

Cut a lemon into two. Pour a glass of water into a glass-ceramic bowl (or any material that can be microwaved).

Squeeze the lemons to extract the juice. Add that juice to a bowl of water. Also, don’t throw away the lemons; add them to the solution. Microwave for 2-3 minutes. Allow five minutes before removing the solution. Now wipe your microwave.

Grapefruit Cleans Bathtub Stains

Bathtubs, faucets, fixtures, and sinks can look messy due to soap stains. If they’re not cleaned for a long while, mold could grow. To avoid this, sprinkle water on any of these surfaces to make them wet and washable.

Cut your grapefruit and apply salt to it. Scrub the surface using the grape. Salt and citrus fruit juice will clean all the mess on the surface.

With this house cleaning method, the bathtub, sink, and any other surface you clean will smell nice.

Clean Blinds With A Clean Sock

Blinds allow fresh air and light into your room. Nonetheless, when they’re dusty, greasy, and stained, they can cause diseases.

Cleaning them, unlike many think, is not tedious. Learn this house cleaning trick. Wear an old clean sock on one of your hands. Dip it in a cleaning solution (preferably vinegar and water) and pass your hand through all the slats, both sides.

To ease the work and save time, pinch each slat between your four fingers and the thumb. Move your hand from one end to the other as you clean.

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