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Technology has added a new characteristic to the real estate business. One new technology is using camera drones which have taken the traditional real estate business into a new level. Real estate professionals find it a must-have tool to connect more customers with the business and create a unique position in the competitive market. Real estate has become a large industry and the use of drone technology has increased. However, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about using camera drones for real estate.

How Will You Take Photos With Camera Drones For Real Estate?

The drone has created high competition in the real estate market. It has become so tough for the real estate businesses to stand out from the crowd. The complete scenario has changed because of drones.

Whenever a buyer thinks about buying from a real estate company, they search for property images. The property images they find more eye-catchy and attractive they click on and look for details. Then they make a purchase decision.

These pictures of the properties are taken with camera drones in most cases. Now it is possible to take property images at angles that photographers previously thought impossible. Some dramatic shots of the properties are taken with drones which are catchy enough to grab customers’ attention.

The secret behind taking such dramatic shots is the camera drone. All real estate agents are using camera drones. This post will show you how real estate businesses are using camera drones for taking sharp and clear property images. Let’s have a look at the most essential tips that you need to know.

Do It Yourself or Outsource?

Although using a drone isn’t rocket science, there is a learning curve. You’ll need to earn a license, register the drone, and get permission if you need it to fly in or over some areas. And then, you’ll need to learn how to fly it.

You’ll need to earn a Remote Pilot Certificate to use drones for commercial applications (for income). This requires passing a written exam and possibly taking an online training course to prepare for the exam. You’ll then need to register the drone, which is fast and inexpensive. Finally, you’ll need to remember the regulations about where you can legally fly your drone. This means not operating the drone from a moving vehicle or aircraft, keeping it in your line of sight while it’s in the air, and not flying in controlled airspace (like near an airport). Finally, you’ll need to choose the best drone for your business—and there are a lot of choices.

Generally, the drone you use for photography will need a few features:

  • 4K video
  • Live First Person View so you can see what the drone’s camera is pointing at
  • Altitude Hold to keep your drone steady at a fixed altitude

You can choose the quality of images you need to take and the battery life.

When you’re new to drone photography, start with an inexpensive drone. It will help you become familiar with flying and maneuvering. Also, if you accidentally fly your drone into a tree or a lake, you’ll be glad it was a $50 instead of a $500 one.

Not all realtors who use drones operate them themselves. Many choose to hire a certified drone pilot for their real estate photography. You can search online or consult a service that connects businesses with certified drone pilots. But you’ll still need to know the rules about where to fly, so you’ll know whether the drone pilot can fly where you need.

Whether you decide to fly your own drone or outsource, here are some things you’ll need to keep in mind when using drones for real estate photography:

Prepare the Landscape

Preparation of the object of the photograph is a must for any kind of photography. In the case of real estate photography, you have to keep in mind that you need to have everything prepared before you start taking shots. Belongings can be scattered in the house which can create a mess.

Photographers need to make preparations before they focus on the house. The success of real estate photography depends on the preparation of the house in most cases. If you find something that distracts from the focus of the shot, you have to fix it up before the shoot. Otherwise, you will have to do more edits at the end of the shoot.

Highlighting Property Features

front of a house at dusk

In the case of real estate images, aerial images are more beneficial. The more aerial shots and detail you add in the images, the more it will capture the attention of customers.

And aerial shots can highlight the property features. They show the landscape, pools, the walkways, backyard, and other areas so that customers find them more realistic.

When customers see pictures from all angles, it helps them to make a purchase decision. Property buyers have a lot of questions. If you want to answer their questions, you have to show all the property features through your images.

Using Flight Modes

Camera drones come with several autonomous flight modes. Real estate photographers can experiment with new things using flight modes. This can change the way of taking photos.

One of the more common modes is tripod mode. You will find tripod mode available in most drones. With this mode, you can slow down the top speed of the drone. You do not need to try to take a shot of a property while the drone is at top speed.

Keeping the Drone Low

young woman operating a drone by remote control

Determine the height at which you want to shoot with the drone. Most real estate photographers make the same mistake. They tend to take shots from high altitudes. If you want to show the roof of the house in a photo, you can take a shot from above the house.

But it’s advisable to take shots lower to the ground. If you focus on showing the roof more, it will not display the entire house. Then buyers will not be impressed with the photos. At this point, you can also take photos from locations that simple DSLR cameras cannot. But keep in mind that you must keep the drone low enough that it shows the house.

Edit Your Photos Carefully

Photographers cannot ignore one thing in the case of real estate photography. They have to capture the most incredible views of the property. If you are following the tips in this post, you can take incredible photos.

But you need something more to give the perfect look. Photo edits are often needed to create an incredible look from a dull image. Most photographers focus on editing raw photos. You can use photo editing software to make necessary edits in real estate photos. If you do not know how to edit your photos, you can hire professional real estate photo editing service providers. They have a process for editing real estate photos.

Complement your Drone Shooting with a 3D virtual Tour

Another way to complement a drone shooting of the property would be adding a 3D virtual tour.  While drone photography provides a wider picture of the property areas from a macro point of view, a 3D tour will give the potential buyer a micro view of the house.

Unlike open house or in-person visits, 3D home tours allow the prospect to take their time and experience any feature that would make a house feel like home, from anywhere. Immersive 3D Virtual Tours let prospects literally walk through the property Open house style 24/7.  A 3D virtual tour offers measurement tools, and give a “dollhouse” view where your prospects can view the property in a 360-degree angle. You can also add tags to the tour to describe important information about the property.

3D tours come with HD photography and an automatic video tour of the property as well. Clients for example, may no longer find it necessary to take time-consuming visits to properties that they have merely seen in photos. With 3D virtual tours, they are now able to experience representations of the properties you are marketing in a more immersive, true-to-life way, without leaving their home.

If you want to receive more views and sell faster your homes this is a great tip to consider. Most 3D virtual tour service provider offer drone services as well so you can get both services if you don’t have a drone camera.

What Are the Best Drone Cameras?

Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice, you need to pick the best drone. The top drones are able to take shots from every angle. They come with more advanced features than regular cameras. Whether you want to do aerial photography or videography, you need the best. Let’s have a look at the top drones for real estate photography.

Autel Evo Lite+

The Evo Lite+ offers great image quality and long flight time (40 minutes). It has one of the best cameras in its class and its 1” CMOS sensor can record in 6K video. It has a maximum flight range of over seven miles, so it can fly over long distances while staying in radio contact. It also has three-way sensors to help it avoid obstacles like trees and telephone poles.

DJI Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 has two cameras on the same gimbal, the first in the industry to offer this. The image bracketing features are particularly useful for real estate photography and more advanced than other drones in its class. Its 40-minute flight time gives you plenty of opportunities to get the shots you want. And it has a 20 MP camera to take top-quality still photos.

DJI Mavic 2 zoom

picture of DJI Mavic 2 zoom drone

The DJI Mavic 2 zoom has made possible what was impossible with other drones. It comes with great software features. One added feature is the dolly zoom effect. This feature has made it great fun to work with this drone. It enables the drone to fly at highest maximum speed while still keeping responsive control.

DJI Mavic mini

picture of DJI Mavic mini drone

If you need to take your drone anywhere but want a good quality camera, we recommend the DJI Mavic mini. It’s a lightweight and small drone that comes with a high-quality camera. The latest update can record video at 2.7k. For super smooth footage, a 3 axis camera stabilization gimbal is added. It can capture images at 12mp resolution. You can keep the shutter open at the ISO range 3200.

DJI Phantom 4pro

This is a revolutionary drone that has taken photography to a new level. It is an obvious choice for professional photographers. The latest update of the drone is very tempting. It comes with classic rugged body design. It can record 1080p video.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. We have tried to give you a complete guide on using drone cameras. Follow these tips to spice up your drone photography. If you need to know more, do a little research. Know as much as you can before taking shots so that you find property buyers easily.

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