Potential Roommates in New Cities

If you move to a new city, you probably have a lot on your plate. You must find a new job in many instances. You must learn the way around. Perhaps you must familiarize yourself with public transportation if you don’t own a car.

You must also find roommates if you can’t afford your own place. Key considerations when choosing a potential roommate include whether you’ll get along with them and whether they can afford the rent. Before you even reach the point where you figure those questions out, though, you must locate some possible candidates.

We’ll talk about how you can do that right now.

Talk to Your Fellow Students

If you’re in a new city for college or grad school, you can ask your fellow students whether they need housing. Some will probably live on campus, but others might need a place.

You might become friends with someone you meet in one of your classes and find a place off-campus together. You can locate an apartment not far away so you can get to class without much difficulty every day.

If you rent an apartment with fellow students, you can motivate each other. You can hang out and study or do homework together. Just make sure the roommates you find through school aren’t party animals, or you may never do your homework. A noisy roommate who never studies can torpedo your promising academic career.

Ask Your Coworkers

You might also find a new job and ask your coworkers if they need housing. Even if they don’t, they may know someone who does.

If you have a roommate who also works with you, they can commiserate about the job if you ever have a hard day. They’ll know what you’re experiencing, since they’re going through it themselves.

There’s one potential drawback when you go this route, though. If you both live with your roommate and work with them, you’ll see each other often. If you stop getting along, that might irritate you both. You’re around each other almost constantly.

Ask at Churches or Other Religious Places

If you attend a church, mosque, synagogue, or some other religious facility, you might ask about roommates there. If you find someone who wants a roommate, you know you have the same faith, so you already have that in common.

If no one at your church needs a roommate, they might know a friend or relative who does. If you attend a religious facility with a large congregation, there’s a decent chance you can find someone.

Post on Bulletin Boards

This old-fashioned method might still work in some instances. You can write down your message about seeking roommates or print it out and then post that message around likely neighborhoods.

You can post the message on community bulletin boards in libraries, community centers, grocery stores, and anywhere else that seems like a suitable place and where people congregate often. This might work, but exercise caution.

You don’t know the people who might contact you since you don’t attend the same church, school, or have the same job. You might hit it off, but they may not have a temperament or personality that matches yours.

Use Social Media

If you’re on some different social media platforms, you might post about needing a roommate. This sometimes works well, particularly if you have a large social circle online.

Maybe you have former high school or college contacts on Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. If you know these people a little and converse with them often, that’s probably a solid foundation. You’ll know about them before meeting with them, and a roommate situation might work out well.

Contact Alumni

You might also contact alumni from your alma mater if you graduated recently or even years before. Some individuals love college and remain active via alumni groups. Perhaps you’re a regular college contributor if you’ve become wealthy. Colleges always solicit money whenever they can, and now, your old school can help you out as well.

If someone contacts you, and you know you attended the same school, you have that in common. You don’t know their personality and temperament yet, but you can meet each other and discuss your school days. A friendship or camaraderie might follow.

When you have the roommates you need, you can find an appropriate apartment or rent a house. You can split the rent and possibly become lifelong friends as well.

We hope you found this blog post on Easy Ways You Can Locate Potential Roommates in New Cities useful. Be sure to check out our post on Tips to Eliminate The Stress When You Move to a New City for more great tips!

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