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The real estate market is booming across the country. The luxury real estate market in particular is popular everywhere from Florida to Sarasota to Austin. The way you market your real estate business will play a crucial role in determining whether you generate leads or not.

If you can present the picture that the client is looking for – of white sandy beaches, a warm Sun, and the sea breeze. Then you’re likely to attract more clients. Of course not all your clients will be looking for beach homes or second or third homes. However, understanding what your target market wants is important if you want to successfully sell the property to them.

Here are five innovative ideas for marketing that can help you build a successful real estate marketing strategy:

1. Defining The Client

Are you targeting affluent home-buyers for the luxury real estate segment? Or do you want to help people who are looking for more affordable housing? Your marketing strategy should be tailored to meet the interests of your target market.

Consider listing out what the characteristics of your target market are. While it’s true that people each have their own personalities, understanding what the general traits of the group are, can help you better market to them.

You can provide your target market with brochures, and consider online advertising and videos. Social media advertising is also a great way to reach out to them. When you understand who your target market is, you can better select the tone you’ll use in your content. For baby boomers, your approach would be different than if you were targeting millennials.

2. List Out The Client Types

Now that you know who your general clients are, it’s time to divide them based on their occupation. For the affluent real estate market, your customers include everyone from entrepreneurs in the tech industry to C-level executives.

But is there a particular niche that you would like to target? You could want to target buyers who are buying a home for the first time or buyers who are more environmentally conscious. Consider also what kind of homes will fit the profile you have created for your customers. This way, you’ll know how you can market your business, as well as who you should network with.

You should also consider insurance for real estate agent. This is running a business can leave you vulnerable to certain risks, such as getting sued by clients. If you would like to protect your business and your finances, then an insurance for real estate agent can help you. To learn more about insurance for a real estate agent, click here.

3. Building Influence

Use your network to build contacts as well as to generate leads. Ask your family, your friends and even your business associates to help you find clients. You can also consider building relationships with advisory firms as well as family offices. Stay in touch with the people you’re building an influence with.

You can also build your influence online. Create a blog that you can add to your website. Use your blog to disseminate useful information about your industry. Share your blog posts on your business social media profiles as well. Create videos and even podcasts that people might find helpful, and related to your industry. The more authority you develop online and offline, the more leads you’re likely to generate.

4. Use The Local Newspaper

This tip may sound like it’s old-school. However, it works very effectively. Your business should be displayed prominently in the local newspaper. Invest in full-color or even double page ads regularly to ensure that even people just flipping through the paper can see your ad.

This will help you in getting buyers to see your listing. The credibility of your brand will also be reinforced when people see your ads in the newspaper regularly.

5. Digital Footprint

Have you audited your website? If you haven’t, then the time to do it could be here. If you don’t update your website on a regular basis, then consider starting now. On your website, you should showcase your staff, the locations you provide your service, as well as the properties you’re currently selling.

Your website should be optimized to look good on mobiles as well. It should also be search engine optimized.


Building a successful real estate business goes hand in hand with creating a good marketing strategy. From building a good website to placing ads in your local newspaper, there’s a lot that you can do to effectively market your business. Use this guide to learn what they are.

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