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The world is very different for millennials in comparison to previous generations. As time goes by, the momentum of change grows stronger and stronger, and understanding younger people’s needs and wants becomes more challenging by the minute. Digital marketing has become a big part of all businesses’ marketing strategies, and the same goes for real estate. The bad news is that this requires fast adaptation and constant learning. The good news? Millennials use social media so much, they are telling you what you want, all the time. You just have to listen.

Understanding Millennials’ Social Media Use

Millennials’ social media usage is growing by the minute. With 86% of millennials claiming they use social media, there is no debate on whether you should incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

When creating a social media strategy for your real estate business, the first thing you should do is scope out how millennials are using social media. Social media posts are not just content and pictures. They reflect the style, aesthetics, and character of who is selling and what is being sold.

Take a look at the most used social media for millennials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. You will realize that video footage has become more valuable than pictures and that successful business owners have a whole theme going for their profile. They intertwine their lifestyle with their marketing strategy.

Millennials also don’t like being told what to do by people they don’t know. It is a generation that is confident and firm in their needs and rejects anything that is obvious selling. They see value in character and peculiarity. So lean into your social marketing strategy as much as you can and strive to deliver high-quality content with personality.

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Understanding Millennials’ Home Buying Trends

Once you get the gist of how millennials interact on the internet, you understand that millennial home buyers look for something a little different from previous generations. While social media usage is skyrocketing, the number of millennials who are considering buying a home is steadily declining.

More often than not, the reason lies in high taxes, mortgages, and maintenance costs. But don’t think millennials have an aversion to luxury or that they are a tougher sell. It just means that millennial home buying trends are different, and the market has to adapt.

When they look into buying a home, space is not prioritized anymore and takes a back seat to practicality and design. They are also looking for energy-efficient and smart homes. Contrary to popular belief, millennials do have some money to spend on housing, and most of them are at the point in their careers where they can afford a more significant investment. To cater to them, you should highlight the values they are looking for, like sustainability and modern, customizable design.

Where to Advertise

An excellent social media marketing strategy will encompass at least three different social media platforms. When we talk about targeting a specific audience, Facebook is the first one you should consider. Apart from the fact that it is the most used social media overall, their ads system lets you target your paid ads in video, photo, or just written form to a specific audience. A targeted strategy like that will significantly increase your chances of reaching millennials.

Secondly, Instagram seems to be the most popular route for pushing out photo content. Millennial social media statistics show 59% of U.S. millennials are active Instagram users. It is a highly visual media that allows you to share video stories and post videos or picture ads.

Video stories are uploaded videos that will last for 24 hours, and they are perfect for walkthroughs and updates. Along with essay writer domain, skills in graphic design will significantly increase the success of your social media campaign in modern times. Instagram is also the place to make connections with influencers who have many followers and will partner with you to expand your audience.

New Social Platforms

While Twitter and LinkedIn can be a great way of sharing posts with new listings, Tiktok is also worth looking into if you want to share video content with millennials. Tiktok, besides still being overlooked by most marketing strategists, is the most downloaded social media app in the Google play store, with 800 million active users worldwide.

Here you can create, edit, and share 60-second videos and interact with your audience through comments and messages. Although it was initially developed for younger audiences, Tiktok’s adult 24+ audience is growing at an astounding pace of 5.5 times in the last 18 months.

We know it might be tough selling to millennials at the moment. Luckily, a strong and well thought out social media presence and strategy can be beneficial for reaching new buyers and attracting fresh eyes to your listings. With more than 9 in 10 Millennials owning a smartphone, the internet is your oyster.

We hope you found this blog post Everything About Attracting Millennial Homebuyers With Social Media useful. Be sure to check out our post Complete Guide to Using Camera Drones for Real Estate for more great tips!


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