Many of us want a more traditional look and feel to our kitchens and getting that farmhouse feel can really add a warm and homely feel to the space. It’s a timeless design style that offers a real simplicity and rustic charm, whether you do live in the countryside or in the heart of a city.

Bringing that cosy atmosphere to your home can be achieved, and getting the design right isn’t too difficult either…

Farmhouse kitchen

Warm and Natural Materials

A good place to start is with warm and natural materials throughout. You’ll find the likes of limestone tiles, woods, stone and other natural materials prominent throughout a farmhouse kitchen. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling can further enhance that aesthetic.

Using reclaimed or distressed wood for cabinets, as well as stone countertops, exposed brick and more can all further add to the rustic charm and give you that authenticity you’re looking for.

Vintage-Inspired Fixtures and Fittings

Farmhouse kitchens tend to add a touch of nostalgia to a home and you can do the same simply by utilising vintage fixtures and fittings. Antique-style faucets, drawer handles and light fixtures can really transform the feel of a kitchen, while copper or brass accents can add warmth and character to a space. 

Open Shelving and Display Areas

Open shelving is such a farmhouse tradition and something that’s creeping into more modern kitchens these days. It allows decorative items to be showcased, as well as easy access to your crockery and cookware.

Add this to your kitchen for a more airy and open feel, while woven baskets, vintage china and mason jars can add visual interest and a splash of your own personality to the space. 

Utilising ceiling racks or wall hooks for pots and pans can also provide you with that farmhouse feel, as well as being functional.

Neutral Colour Palette with Accents of Colour

Natural colour palettes are an important feature of any farmhouse kitchen. Bold colours are not part of the design here, with whites, creams, beiges and greys dominating the space. This creates a sense of freshness and allows the natural light to bounce around the room. It is possible to add colour through the textiles in the space, with soft pastel shades or muted tones that reflect nature, often the desired choice. This can be further developed by adding flowers onto table tops or sideboards.

Cozy and Inviting Seating Area

Finally, farmhouse kitchens are often the focal point of social life, so you need to create a cosy and inviting seating area for friends and family to congregate, whether that be at mealtimes or day-to-day. 

Consider adding in a built-in bench or window seats, as well as a table, which then becomes the centrepiece of the kitchen, or even the home. Again, you can add splashes of colour to these to add further warm to your space and be an inviting area for both family and guests alike.

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