Global Decor Revamp

Are you ready to transform your new abode into a stunning sanctuary that reflects your unique style? Moving to a new home offers a fresh start and an exciting opportunity to revamp your decor. Research suggests that homeowners feel happier and more content in a well-decorated living space. 

A global decor revamp can breathe new life into your surroundings by using tasteful ideas, trends, and items from across the globe. And there’s never a better time for a refurnish than after a move. We will provide some valuable tips and inspiration to refresh your home after relocating. Here you go!

Decide on a theme for each room

It is crucial to decide on a theme for each room when it comes to sprucing up your space with an international look and feel. Think about what vibes you want to create in specific areas. 

Decide if you wish to have a serene Hawaiian beach escape in your bedroom or maybe an eclectic Asian bazaar-inspired living room. The key is to choose a theme that resonates with you and reflects your personality.

Draw inspiration from around the world

There is a whole world of design waiting for you to discover it. Immerse yourself in different cultures and aesthetics by taking a virtual trip. 

Get inspired by India’s vibrant colors, Scandinavia’s minimalism, or the rustic charm of the Mediterranean. You will find an endless supply of ideas to help you infuse global flair into your home.

Invest in global art pieces

Invest in fabulous global art pieces to add that extra touch of international vibe to your living space. Art has a magical way of transporting people to far-off places without ever leaving their homes. 

Display a lovely Moroccan tapestry, a striking African mask, or a delicate Chinese porcelain vase on a shelf. Explore the work of Australian abstract artists to bring in the feel of the Down Under to your home. These unique pieces will add visual interest and spark conversations with your guests.

Display travel souvenirs

Do not forget to display your travel souvenirs. Those trinkets you collected on your adventures are not meant to collect dust in a drawer. Instead, proudly display them on shelves, mantels, or even in a dedicated travel corner. 

Allow those memories to shine and create a warm and personal environment that reminds you of the incredible experiences you’ve had traveling around the world.

Play with colors and textiles

Global home decor is about embracing rich, vibrant hues and playing with various textures. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Use jewel-toned accents such as turquoise, crimson, or emerald green. You can layer patterns and textures to create an impeccable feel. 

Try draping a Moroccan rug with intricate geometric designs or a cozy Indian Kantha quilt over a sofa. Mix and match pillows in vibrant African prints or add some boho-inspired macrame wall hangings. The goal is to create a visual feast that delights the senses and transports you to exotic locales.

Remember that giving your home a global decor makeover is all about embracing your style and infusing it with global flavors. So let your mind wander when you start your relocation process. Draw a plan well before the move so that you can get it done with the help of your movers.

We hope you found this blog post on Global Decor Revamp- Tips To Refresh Your Home After A Move useful. Be sure to check out our post on Home Renovation Ideas For a More Aesthetic Home for more great tips!

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