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Master keys are special keys that can be used in different locks. These are hierarchical systems of locking that can be implemented at the workplace, and at residential properties, as well as in buildings/apartments. For instance, the best example of a master key is the lock system used for apartments or flats. People staying in apartments or flats will have their house keys to unlock their doors, but there is one single key that can be used for opening all the entries of the building. These effective locks with master keys are used for emergency purposes, and most of the time these keys are kept with the landlord.

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Master keys can be of various types and used for different purposes. The key types are as follows:

  • Change key– This can be used for operating one lock and identical locks.
  • Master Key– As the name suggests, it is the regular master key that is used to open different locks. When we talk about the master key, we typically mean this specific type.
  • Grandmaster Key– It can be used for operating more than one master key system. For effective locks with master keys, Grandmaster keys are a vital addition to unlock the whole system and manage multiple master keys.

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Benefits of Using Master Keys

There can be various benefits of using a master key. If you are wondering why to use a master key, take a look at the following points:

  • It is highly convenient– Convenience is the first reason why master keys are beneficial. It is a unique key that can be used for unlocking different locks. In the case of commercial properties, these keys are useful as the employers can hand over the keys to the employees to use a particular part of the office premises. If you are planning to have effective locks with master keys, then you should first consult a professional locksmith. Look for a professional residential locksmith who is well-trained and experienced in handling all sorts of residential/home locksmith situations with ease and efficiency.
  • It is affordable– If you are looking for an affordable solution without spending much, the master keys are the best choice. Electronic key cards and other similar products are expensive options, and a master key can offer comparable security and convenience at a fraction of the price.

What is The Basic Idea Behind Master Keys?

The entire concept behind effective locks with master keys is to reduce the burden of carrying multiple keys with you. If you lose the keys for any reason, you need to replace all of them individually. However, with one single master key, you can unlock all the doors of your house. People have the wrong perception that these keys are not secure, which is far from the truth! On the contrary, these keys are used in high-security systems.

Who Can Use The Master Key System?

Not everyone can own a master key. Only the following persons should be authorized to use them:

  • Property Managers– This is quite obvious that property managers will have access to all the doors and entry points of their properties they are responsible for.
  • Security Guards– Security guards are also in charge of maintaining the security of the building. These guards are responsible for patrolling, and therefore, one master key allows them to have access to certain parts of the property.
  • Cleaning Services– The cleaners of a property have to access every room for cleaning services. Instead of maintaining a bunch of keys for each door, these master keys allow them to have easy access, thus making their jobs easier.

Final Words

Master keys are beneficial in more than one way, and hopefully, you already got an idea of how helpful they are when conditions call for their use. If you find it challenging to handle a bunch of keys for every door, look for companies that offer high-quality, effective locks with master keys.

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