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The thought of buying a home is both exciting and challenging at the same time. There are tons of options out there to choose from which can be a little overwhelming for some people, the most common choices are often between an apartment and a condo. They might seem similar to some extent but are very different. Often a property is listed as an apartment but in reality, it’s a condo, so to learn the difference between an apartment vs. condominium, continue reading.

What is an Apartment?

What is an Apartment

An apartment is a living arrangement that involves having separate residents within a building, or simply having neighbors who can use your building. An apartment can also be a co-op unit, a condo unit, or a rental unit that’s part of the building which is only owned by one landlord. It is generally owned by a property management company. The units of an apartment are all similar and all the tenants living in those apartments have to follow the same guidelines for renting that apartment. It typically gives a person a more professional experience of living and residing.


The apartment units are all owned by a corporation; thus, the units cannot be purchased separately. The guidelines given would be equal for everyone living in the building and would have to be followed equally. It is positioned in a more professional setting.


Maintaining a house is an arduous task with multiple things to look after. Maintenance can get a bit pricey too at times. Everyone has faced a problem of a leaky faucet, plumbing work, or a broken appliance or a broken shower. All these are usually looked after by the apartment community office. Free maintenance is provided any time of the day or night, all it takes is a phone call to the apartment community office.


Before purchasing an apartment do keep in mind the types of amenities you want. All units in the apartment are mostly identical unless some of them offer special services. It depends on the area, but most apartments provide basic amenities like a laundry room, outdoor pool, and gym while luxury ones may provide a tennis court or a dog park or an indoor mailroom. These all are shared by your neighbors living in that apartment.

What is a Condo?

What is a Condo

A condominium or condo is a building whose units are owned by individuals who hold deeds to their specific units. This is a major difference between an apartment vs. condominium. Each is a private residence that is owned by the individual. A condo is usually owned by an individual who then rents it out to the suitable tenants and becomes the landlord. It is considered one of the most affordable and flexible living options.


A condo consists of a private owner i.e. an individual renting it out to the tenants. The cost of the condo is decided by the landlord themselves and can differ from one tenant to another. The renters of condos are not typically required to undergo a broad application and approval process.


In a condo, maintenance is the obligation of every proprietor. While they may react to your issues quicker since they’re not dealing with a whole structure of units, it can simply take them longer since they need to tie down an autonomous seller to make fixes. For issues in any basic territories, the mortgage holder’s affiliation is regularly responsible for overseeing support. In the event that you have anything to report, you should reach them since they’ll have conventions set up for issues in those zones.


You’ll likely discover modern furnishings, for example, rock ledges, hardened steel apparatuses, and updated flooring, alongside close to home contacts, for example, the shades of paint on the walls or the backsplash in the kitchen. It gives some variation between the apartment suites in the network. Everything in a condominium is finished by the individual owner. It’s reasonably refreshed and maintained on the grounds that the owner has a more motivating force to do as such – they may have even recently lived in the townhouse, and they need the property value to stay high. If the apartment suite is looking attractive it’ll be easier to lease, and the owner can charge more for an upgraded condominium than for a rundown one. In the condominium network itself, you’ll likely discover extravagant luxuries, for example, attendant services, carports, green spaces, a wellness community, and even an indoor or outside pool.

Which is the Best Option To Choose From?

Knowing the difference between an apartment vs. condominium when reviewing postings can assist you with narrowing down your hunt. This is particularly helpful when living in a city where there is a robust mix of the two up for lease. While the differences are regularly slight, it is critical to make choices that match your desires in how the unit is managed and what enhancements are available. When leasing a condominium, it is essential to have an individual, direct relationship with the proprietor of the unit. This proprietor is presently your landowner, and you will need to keep things smooth as this is the main individual you will contact when you pay your lease, ask for support, or ask any questions with respect to the townhouse. It is advisable to keep a constructive relationship with this individual if you like living there because they are more likely to continue leasing to you if you are a decent tenant.

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