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Moving full stop is a daunting process. The idea of packing up the life you know so well and starting fresh is uncomfortable, but most of the time it is necessary to get out of your comfort zone. For those brave people who are ready to jump into the deep end, New York is the place to be for city slickers trying to establish a new life. One thing that puts a lot of people off the big move however is the risk of safety. Sure, all cities come with less desirable places to stay and dangerous people, but understanding how to navigate the city in the safest way possible is the most important thing you can do for yourself. In this blog post, we will discuss the important considerations to take if you are moving to New York. It is a city full of life and possibility, but ensuring your safety should come before anything else!

The safest neighbourhoods 

First things first, if you are yet to plan your move and rent the apartment of your dreams, you should have an idea of the safest neighbourhoods. As with most cities, you may be susceptible to paying the higher price tags in these locations. It is just a general overview and you should not refrain from venturing into alternate places that are more cost-effective, but still keep this in mind!

  • Battery Park City – This area has been recognised as one of the safest areas to live, however, it is predominately chosen by families and high-wealth individuals. It is a lively area known for its many tourist attractions and also its nightlife scene.
  • Greenwich Village – if you are a young professional, this might be the area for you. Greenwich Village is perfect for transportation access and also general activities if you are looking to meet other like-minded people.
  • Chelsea – Chelsea is known to be one of the most culturally diverse neighbours in New York to live in. With lots of schools, bars and nightlife available within its vicinity, it’s no surprise that people moving to New York alone trust this area.
  • Tribeca – If you are looking to live the hipster, loft lifestyle, Tribeca is the place to be. Located in lower Manhattan, it is a lively spot known for its array of activities, and also the safety that it offers for people living alone.

Whilst these are the safest areas, they are also known to be the most expensive. Areas such as Brooklyn are known to be much more cost-effective for people living alone, however, there are higher crime rates. Due to this, many people opt to do apartment shares to reduce the costly prices.

Consider finding a roommate 

Finding a roommate is one of the best things you can do when living alone in New York. With prices being so high and also being alone in an apartment in a new city being so daunting, having someone who knows of your whereabouts can offer a sense of comfort. If you do not have friends who are moving to the city with you, consider finding someone who is already in New York and is renting out a room. There are many websites and applications for people to advertise the rooms such as Spare Room. Living with someone who already knows the city well will also give you an advantage when trying to navigate the environment as a newbie.

Have your moving plan ready 

The best thing you can do for yourself before booking your ticket to New York is to make the moving process seamless. Moving alone is hard, but having your moving process all in order, whether it’s long-distance moving or moving from the city next door, is the safest thing to do. Enlist the help of a moving company that can move all of your belongings at once, and also that takes pride in their work. The last thing you need is all your belongings broken from a bumpy ride! Also, make sure you know your route to get to your new home and have a strong idea of which subway to take etc. Getting lost when you’re alone in New York for the first day is not a good start!

Find the closest transport options 

As mentioned, having an understanding of what your transport options are for your area is important to stay safe and vigilant when you first move there. If you have a place of work, confirm the safest route for you to take to work. If you are investing in a bike, make sure you have a helmet and other safety features to protect you when riding around the bustling streets of New York. Ensure you have a safe space to keep your bike to avoid it getting stolen too.

Become a tourist in your city 

The feeling of safety will come eventually, but one of the best ways to encourage this feeling is to become a tourist in the city. Learning to love the city for all of its parts can help you settle into the area and feel at home. Spend some time touring all of the most popular spots, and from this start find your special, overlooked spots where you can become a regular. This is also a great way to meet like-minded people who share the same interests or are in the same position as you.

Use social media/Facebook groups to find communities

Another great way to feel safe when moving to New York alone is to find people to meet through social media once you arrive there. Hundreds of groups and communities exist online to help people to feel safe and a part of a greater group of people. Start conversations and be open to reaching out. It is important to stay vigilant however when meeting strangers. Make sure their profiles are legitimate and possibly arrange for a Facetime call to confirm they are real before meeting up. Also, never agree to send people money before you have met them in New York, as some fraud and NFT scams are circulating on the internet. 

Consider using air tags 

Finally, air tags are the latest piece of technology that people living alone are finding a useful resource. They are essentially small tokens that can be tracked when placed on a person or their belongings. Always share your locations with loved ones, and to stop valuables from being stolen such as luggage or bikes, hide an air tag somewhere hidden to make sure you can always find your belongings.

Bottom line 

Moving to New York alone is a huge commitment to make. Whilst living in the big apple will feel uncomfortable, getting settled and taking all the correct measures to ensure your safety is important. Understanding the area you are living within, finding someone trusted to live with, and knowing the safest routes of transport to take is the best thing to have arranged before you arrive in New York. Enjoy the experience!

We hope you found this blog post on How to Feel Safe When Moving to New York Alone useful. Be sure to check out our post on Neuroticism Before a Move: Ways To Feel Comfortable for more great tips!

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