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College Station is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States. The educational excellence of the city attracts thousands of students every year. It is estimated that more than 60,000 students inhabit the city and the number is growing by every passing year. The city looks calm and modest on the first sight owing to large green fields and old tree shades in the city. However, it has a lot more to offer. So, if you have secured admission in one of the universities and are looking for houses for sale college station or to rent an apartment, this guide is for you. 

Contact University’s Apartment Allocation Department

Most colleges in universities in college station have a dedicated department to assist students with the allocation of apartments. You can let them know your preference and they will help you find the appropriate place. These departments are in contact with the realtors and are aware of all the listings that can suit students. Hence, it should be the first step to find the perfect place and if the department is not helpful you can proceed to the next.

Understand Your Preference

College station is a lively city and it has a piece for everybody. However, each neighborhood has its own unique qualities which some people appreciate and others do not. For example, certain neighborhoods have an ideal nightlife where bars and entertainment centers remain open throughout the night. These areas may seem haven to the people who are fond of it but those who like their sleep better may want a more peaceful place.

So, before opting for a neighborhood, ensure that everything is accounted for and it will allow you to live the life as you want.

Best Neighborhood in College Town Station

If you have figured out the preference but are still confused about the neighborhood to pick, these are some of the top-rated ones.

#1: The Villages of Indian Lakes

Villages of Indian Lakes are located in the suburbs of college town. Living in this area will give you the opportunity to experience nature in its raw form. The neighborhood has majestic heritage oaks, streams and even private fishing lakes. You can take the textbooks and learn while sitting in the lap of nature. Furthermore, rents and overall cost of living is cheaper in this part which is what most students look for.

#2: Castlegate II

Castlegate II is located in the heart of college stations and is stretched across 202 acres. Homes in this neighborhood are ideal for students who can afford luxurious lifestyles. It offers a resort style pool where you can throw parties for friends, an outdoor kitchen, parks, and a beautiful lake that is stacked with fish. You can take the time out from studies and go fishing to take a break from all the stress.

Furthermore, if you’re married or have kids this might be the perfect place. This neighborhood has one of the best educational systems in the state. 

#3: Saddle Creek

Saddle creek is a place for those who want to get away from the bustling city life. It offers a country lifestyle while being situated near to the downtown. The neighborhood also has a basketball court, pavilion, athletic field and parks as well. However, it is a restricted acreage community and there are not many homes that are available to rent. But if you want a country lifestyle, residents can be convinced to rent a space in their multi-family homes.

#4: Williams Creek

William creek has a reputation of being a family-oriented community but if you are someone who prefers to live in a quiet secluded woody area, this might be the right pick. It is a seven-minute drive from the center of college station and its beauty is breathtaking. Terrain is hilly and mature trees are in abundance. Furthermore, Texas A&M university and Blinn college are near to the neighborhood which is a plus point for students of these colleges. You would not miss classes because of bad traffic.

#5: West Campus

West campus is inhabited mostly by students and partly because it is within walking distance from Texas A&M University. The place offers a variety of restaurants, boutiques and the beautiful view of Campus Martius Lake. Faculty, students and general visitors prefer walking or jogging which can be motivating to keep yourself healthy. Furthermore, there are a number of parks, fountains and playgrounds where students can enjoy their evenings.

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