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So you’ve gotten into college. What’s next? Quick research on a writing paper service to help you out? Asking vital questions about the experience such as: “Is college fun”? Jumping the gun by hiring a college essay writing service to help you get started on your class assignments in advance? Well, not yet.

An obvious next step will be to start preparing for your college moving day and to search for the most convenient writing paper service. Unfortunately, most first-year college students tend to see moving to college as a long walk to a rusty guillotine, and this feeling is completely valid.

Moving to college can be extremely stressful because of the sheer amount of work involved. Fortunately, we’ve found the best college move-in day tips and hacks that will ensure that your move to college is a smooth one.

Ready? Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Create a Checklist

If you’re trying to ensure that your move to college is as smooth as passing a knife through butter, it’s essential to start by creating a solid plan. What exactly do you need to take to college? How do you transport all your belongings?

When it comes to moving to college, you want to know what to bring (the essential items) and what not to bring (the non-essentials).

Draw up a checklist of your essential items and then tick each one off the list as you pack it. For instance, you want to bring a bedsheet and extra pillows with you just in case your dorm doesn’t provide them.

Ask For Help

Moving to college often sounds like a huge milestone of life – which it is. You’re now stepping from a sheltered lifestyle into full-blown adulthood. However, asking for help from your friends or parents isn’t a breach of the great adulthood code.

As a first-year college student who knows next to nothing about college life, you may feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of work on your hands. To help ease the stress, ask your friends or loved ones to help you move your belongings.

Alternatively, you could hire student movers to help you get the job done. Although this costs a small fee, it is a more seamless option.

Pack a Toolkit

Let’s face it: you’re probably not going to find a picture-perfect dorm room. There are just so many small tasks to take care of, from an out-of-order socket here to a metal cart that needs assembling there.

If you’re unprepared for these tasks, you will find yourself running around the campus searching for a toolkit you can borrow. That’s why it’s essential to pack a small toolkit in case of emergencies.

Pro Tip: Apart from packing a toolkit, it’s also important to learn how to use the tools within the kit. Thankfully, with the advent of YouTube and other search engines, it’s easier to watch instructional videos and get the hang of “handymanning”.

Label and Categorize All Items

Moving to college is one thing but unpacking your items is another. Many college students hate the second part because they often have to burrow through a pile of treasures to find their belongings.

To make this easier for you, you can label and categorize all items regardless of how small they are. For instance, your stationery can go into a box marked “desk supplies” while your favorite mug and coffee beans can go into kitchen supplies.

This way, you can quickly locate any item of your choice and unpack your things without breaking into a sweat.

Pro Tip: For all breakable items or ceramic utensils, it’s advisable to place them in a box marked “fragile.” This way, anyone involved in the moving process will know to handle them with care.

Get Cleaning Supplies

Although colleges often promise a sparkling clean dormitory, this may not always be the case. You may find a few cobwebs hanging across the ceiling or some dust-covered surfaces.

Whatever the case may be, be sure to take a few cleaning supplies along with you. Pack some dish soap, vinegar (to take out stubborn stains on the window), paper towels, a broom, and a dustpan. If you can afford one, grab a mini vacuum to make the cleaning process easier for you.

Pro Tip: Although trash bags don’t rank high on the scale of preference for most first-year college students, they are quite beneficial if you’re trying to dispose of trash in an organized manner.

Buy Non-Essential Items Later

As a first-year college student, it can be tempting to pack everything you think you need for college. Your favorite mug? Grab it. Your brown t-shirt that everyone hates but you love for no particular reason? Take that too.

However, packing all non-essential items along with essential ones can easily take up space and make the moving process harder. Instead, it’s advisable to pack the essentials first and then buy other non-essential items when you eventually settle in.

Final Thoughts

Going to college is usually a stressful process, but you can now have a hassle-free experience with the tips outlined above. Don’t forget to create a checklist and then tick off the essential items first. When summer comes around, instead of moving back home, consider using a college storage solution in the city you’re in.

Good luck!

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