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Packing to move and selling a house at the same time can be a challenge, especially before there’s an offer on the property. During the weeks when your property is being seen by buyers, it’s important to keep the house clean for showings. To do this, you’ll need a plan and a regular cleaning schedule. These tips will help you while you pack and get ready for your move.


Have a Packing Plan

Make a packing plan that includes a packing schedule, list of necessary materials and an itemized list that designates specific responsibilities to each person in your house.  Stick to the plan, especially the schedule. Touch base with members of your household on a regular basis to find out how they’re handling their packing responsibilities.

When you’re making your packing plan, start packing up less visible parts of the house first. Items tucked away in storage, in the attic and in the shed can all be packed up first. The last things in your house to be packed up should be those things that are in plain sight when visitors walk in. An empty house or a house full of boxes can seem impersonal and unattractive to buyers.  


Clean Up Every Night

Keeping your home clean can be tiring, but it’s critical during the stages when your home is being seen by visitors. These tips will help you keep your home clean, even when time is short. Take out produces fewer dishes, requires no prep and is easy to clean up. After eating, simply throw away your dishes and be done. This makes it easy to grab a meal and then run out before the next home showing. 

Disposable wipes make it easy to clean up a sink or a bathtub after each use. Disposable wipes can also be used to clean up your countertops after a meal. Using disposable wipes as a cleaning product helps ensure that your home looks professionally cleaned all the time. Dry mopping can help keep your floors clean and dust-bunny free. Use a microfiber mop to dry mop your floors. Microfiber uses static electricity and grippy material to make sweeping and mopping a simple chore. 

Don’t wait until your home is a mess to do the cleaning. Clean a little bit each night to ensure that your home stays beautiful for buyers. Keep a rotating schedule and clean a different room of the house each night. 


Hire Professional Help

Many homeowners find it’s simply too much to keep their home clean and in good condition while they’re trying to pack. This is why many homeowners turn to professional help while they’re trying to sell their house. Hire a professional cleaning person to keep the house pristine, and hire a landscaper to ensure that your yard continues to look good while you’re trying to sell. 

Rent a Storage Facility

When you start to pack, you’ll find that your home can quickly fill with boxes. Unfortunately, boxes make it difficult for a homeowner to decide how they feel about the inside of your house. To help speed along the sale process, rent a storage facility and fill it with boxes as needed. This will prevent your home from looking cluttered and messy for home buyers. If you run out of space in your storage unit and must put boxes in your home, put them in the garage and shed first, so buyers can easily see the interior of your home. 

Work With An Experience Real Estate Agent

At a time like this, working with an experienced real estate agent is important. Your real estate agent can help you keep track of any offers on your property, so you won’t pass up deadlines or fill out any forms incorrectly. Having an experienced real estate professional on your side can help ensure that the sale of your home will go smoothly. If you’re a homeowner who is thinking about selling your property, contact an experienced real estate agent in your community. Work with someone who has a good reputation and experience, so he or she can easily keep track of your sale.



Hire a knowledgeable Moving Services Company

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