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You may be making plans to move your home or office to another city, another state, or a new location across town. Regardless of the distance of your move, you should ensure that all of your furnishings and equipment are securely packed. All of the major items of your personal or business property are valuable and require safe packing and moving.

If you engage the services of a professional moving company, your personal or business property will be packed by experts. These experienced pros will assess each item for safe packing requirements before the packing process begins. Yet if you intend to pack certain items yourself before your move, be sure to follow the advice of experts.

Valuable Tips for Safe Packing of Your Items of Property When Moving

Here are helpful tips for safe, secure packing of each of your items of personal or business property when moving:

1. Recliners

When packing massage recliner chairs, you need a suitably sized furniture packing crate. Although these sophisticated recliners are sturdy and durable, their heating and massaging mechanisms must be protected. Otherwise, your recliner may malfunction or not operate at all when it reaches your new location.

These specially designed recliners also need to be secured in their crates with strong padding to ensure their stability. If they slide or roll around in their crates while being transported to your new locale, damage may result. Any movable parts and controls can also be taped to ensure safe moving.

2. Couches and Parlor Chairs

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These items are generally well-constructed and can withstand a move relatively well. However, leather couches and chairs should be covered and packed with secure padding to prevent surface scratches or scrapes. Fabric-covered chairs and couches must also be covered with plastic sheeting and padding before being moved.

If your parlor or easy chairs have wooden or metal legs, the legs should be wrapped in padding to avoid damage. Any antique sofas, love seats or chairs need plenty of padding and plastic covers to protect delicate fabrics and vintage wooden frames. They should never be stored in damp warehouses awaiting a moving date, since this may cause warping of wood surfaces.

3. Wooden Tables and Chairs

Large wooden dining and conference room tables need special attention before moving. Any extension leaves should be removed, and table legs should be well-wrapped or removed before moving. Tabletops should be well-padded and secured with waterproof covering to ensure safe transport.

Whether your tables and chairs are relatively new or vintage rustic, they need the protection of safe, sturdy packing materials. Especially if they will be stored in a warehouse environment without updated climate control before your move, they need special care. Wood surfaces of both new and older tables may need oiling, polishing or waxing before storing to prevent moisture damage.

4. Chests, Credenzas and Dressers

Well-designed chests, credenzas and dressers should withstand a move quite well if sufficiently protected. As long as their corners are padded and taped and surfaces are covered for weather protection, they should move safely. Metal office furniture should also withstand a move without damage if major surfaces are covered.

All drawers, cabinet doors and slide-out extensions in these items of furniture need to be securely taped into place. Antique or custom-designed hardware often needs padding to prevent scratching or denting. Any glass doors or overlays should be removed, if possible, or well-padded for transport.

5. Wall and Free-Standing Mirrors

All designs of mirrors need careful packing before your move. Similar to glass surfaces, mirrors need padding and tight covering to guard against breakage or scratching while in transit. Ornate and antique mirrors may need to be crated before moving.

Two-sided standing mirrors need the same special care for both sides of the mirror. They require all-around padding, wrapping and taping. Any mirrors that have elaborate frames with detailed wood carving or metal work must be well-packed. They may need sturdy padding around the frames as well as the mirror surfaces.

6. Glass-Top Tables and Glass Shelves

Items made of glass, such as glass-top tables and glass shelving, should be covered with thick cushioning material. They should also be securely wrapped and taped. Glass shelving units or showcases should be dismantled prior to your move, if possible. Each part should be well-covered and wrapped separately to ensure a safe trip.

Older or vintage tabletops may be easily cracked or scratched. For this reason, they need extra padded wrapping and taping. These items may also require secure crating to ensure safety during your relocation. All crates and boxes must be clearly marked with the familiar “Fragile” warning to help avoid any mishaps during transport.

7. Beds, Desks and Office Chairs

Beds, desks and some office chairs can be dismantled for packing before your move. Your professional mover can supply the best boxes and crates for packing these items securely. Mattresses can be covered and bagged in secure plastic covering to ensure safe, dry transport.

Modular office chairs and older models may need to be relocated without dismantling. For these items, your mover can supply the best crates, sturdy boxes or thick packing materials. Small, open-frame style office desks and chairs can often be stacked and moved as a single unit to save space in moving vans.

8. Office Equipment

Office equipment, including computers, printers, fax machines and other electronic items and digital devices need special care. Most moving companies can supply good-quality crates and boxes for packing these items. Your moving company may suggest moving this equipment ahead of your major move.

This earlier, partial move can enable the initial installation and setup of your essential equipment in your new office setting. By the time the remainder of your business property is relocated, your computer system and related equipment will be ready for use. You can start company operations as soon as you arrive.

9. Small Kitchen Appliances

Your small kitchen appliances at home or in your office kitchen can be packed easily. If their original packing boxes are still available, you can use them. Otherwise, your movers can supply the best boxes and packing materials to ensure safe relocation of these items.

Any breakable parts of these appliances may be removed for packing, which can make moving them safer. Especially if they have plastic or glass parts, these need to be securely packed before the move. These appliances also need protection against moisture damage during storage or moving.

10. Lamps and Other Breakable Items

Floor, desktop and wall lamps in your home and in the office must be carefully packed. Fragile lamps like traditional Tiffany stained glass styles must be given special attention for thorough padding, wrapping, taping and boxing.

Floor lamps can usually be removed from their stands to facilitate easy transport. Removable lamp shades also need special attention. If they are made of glass, thin plastic or fabric, they need to be secured in plastic covers and well-packed boxes before your move. Decorative items made of crystal or china also need careful packing attention.

When planning to move your home or office to a new location, there are many different things to consider. One of the most important issues is how to ensure that your move will be completely safe and secure. You want to be sure that all of your furnishings and equipment arrive safely and in excellent condition.

You want to be able to move into your new home or start major office operations as soon as you arrive. With the expert advice and assistance of experienced professional movers, you can achieve this goal. By consulting the experts at All Around Moving Services Company Inc., you can schedule a suitable moving date. You can contact them today by phone, by email or on the company website at for a safe, highly successful move.

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