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Planning to attend an event for your business? Be it a corporate promotional event or a local fair – staying safe should be every event attendee’s priority. That’s why the leading event managers across the world have set up strict health and safety guidelines for their guests. 

Here are some of the precautions that event managers are taking:

  • Asking attendees to wear personal protection equipment (PPE) and carry hand sanitizer bottles.
  • Attendees who are sick are instructed to stay home.
  • Every attendee has to practice social distancing (maintaining six feet of distance between other people at the event) whenever possible.
  • Asking attendees to follow all guidelines shared by the event coordinators and managers.
  • Pay attention to the information presented on signs, posters, or banners.

Despite these measures, crowded events are still not foolproof spaces. According to WHO (the World Health Organization), airborne viruses spread the fastest in three types of locations. The WHO calls these locations the “3 C’s” –

  • Crowded locations
  • Close-contact settings where people have close in-person conversations
  • Confined spaces with poor ventilation

Event locations fall under all three of these categories. Hence, event managers are now using sneeze guard barriers to create safer environments at their events.

What are Sneeze Guards for Events?

sneeze guards

Sneeze guards or barriers are sheets made of durable and transparent materials like plexiglass, acrylic, or vinyl. These barriers are transparent, so they don’t hinder communication

But, they do prevent airborne germs from coughing, sneezes, etc., from spreading inside the event location. Event locations are huge. Event managers can’t install these protective barriers all across their venues. 

But, these plexiglass barriers are cheap and available in various sizes/shapes. Event managers can easily buy large sets of these protective barriers. Then, they can install them in strategic locations of their venues. 

Here’s how event managers can use these protective tools to protect their guests – 

Install the Barriers in Strategic Locations

There are some critical locations where event managers should consider installing protective sneeze barriers. These are typically the high-traffic locations where attendees interact with each other the most. Some of these places include –

  • Ticketing booths (usually the first point of contact for event attendees).
  • Entry points where attendees gather before the event starts. Event managers can also install sneeze barriers to manage crowds. They can use the barriers to usher small groups of guests inside the event location, one group at a time.
  • Sneeze barriers are also very effective inside small stores. They protect the store workers from inhaling potentially infected respiratory droplets exhaled by shoppers.
  • Information booths and disability accommodation areas also experience high amounts of traffic. Safeguarding these spaces with adequate protective barriers benefits every attendee.

Give Attendees Peace of Mind

When event attendees see that the event locations they are visiting are full of protective barriers, they feel safe. They know that these barriers will block airborne droplets from traveling freely inside the event location. The barriers don’t change the look or appeal of the event location because they’re transparent. But, they give attendees a sense of added safety.

We hope you found this blog post How to Maintain Safety at Crowded Events with Sneeze Guards useful. Be sure to check out our post How to Prevent Spreading the Disease to Others for more great tips!


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