How to move cross country

Wondering how to prepare for a cross country move?  Are you ready to pack your bags and make the big move? Whether you’re moving across the country for a job, family, or just for a change of scenery, it’s never easy uprooting from the place you call home. Not only is it hard to move on emotionally, but it’s also hard to physically pack up and move. Over the years you’ve accumulated mounds of clothes, gadgets, items, and what-not, and now it’s time to pack everything up and move. As you begin to sort through your belongings, take a look at these tips on how to prepare for a cross country move. 

Make a Plan for Your Cross Country Move

Packing up an entire house is a lot of work, especially when you’re moving across the country and have limited space. Before you begin anything, create a plan. Your plan should include where you’re moving, how you plan on getting your belongings there, and most importantly, how you’ll get there. 

This means looking into moving trucks and services, looking at new and used cars for sale to drive across the country in, and ordering enough boxes to pack all your belongings. Your plan should also include an itinerary, hotels, and landmarks you’d like to see along the way.

How to Organize Your Belongings

Now that you have a solid plan, booked a moving company, and have a reliable mode of transportation to get you to your new home, it’s time to begin packing. If you don’t know where to begin, we suggest watching a few videos of Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix show, Tidying Up. When watching, you’ll learn how to let go of cherished belongings and thank them for their service to you, and how to organize all your belongings. Here are some ways to organize your belongings before a long-distance move:

  • Donation Pile: As you look through every nook and cranny of your home, you’re probably going to find a bunch of items you’ve completely forgotten about. If this is the case, they most likely belong in your donation pile. Many charities such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and nonprofits will be ecstatic to receive clothes and items in good condition to help underserved communities. 
  • Keep Pile: You should create multiple keep piles, with each pile having varying levels of importance. Items such as utensils and kitchen gadgets will be needed right away once you move, so put these in a labeled box so you know where they are. If you’re moving in the summer, all your winter clothes can probably go in a labeled box that doesn’t need attention right away.
  • Bills: Don’t forget to call all of your service providers, such as heating/electrical company, water company, magazines, recurring payments, to let them know you’re moving. This way you don’t continue to get charged for services you’re no longer using.
  • Sell Your Items: Moving is expensive, so save money by selling some of your items by having a tag sale or estate sale. You can even sell your goods online on websites like Craigslist, Poshmark, and eBay.

preparing to move cross country

Begin Packing

Now that you’ve organized your items, it’s time to pack. When packing, keeping a moving checklist with you so you can track all of your items. As you pack, create an inventory of all your belongings in case anything was to happen to your belongings as they get transported across the country. Always wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or foam, and keeps items that belong in the same room, such as bathroom items, in the same box to save you time when unpacking. 

And don’t forget to pack your car with “must-have” items, such as important documents, medical prescriptions, clothes, and valuables. You don’t want to accidentally place something important in a box on the moving truck.

Say Your Farewells

Everything’s in a box and you’re all done cleaning, staring at an empty living room that once brought so many memories, love, and laughter into your life. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sentimental. After all, this place was your home and you’re about to leave your old life behind and start a new chapter. Once you have closure, it’s time to lock the door, hand over the keys, and give the moving company the A-Okay that it’s time to go.

Wrapping Up

Moving into a new house is stressful. It first includes finding a new place to live in, then requires you to hire a moving company, create an itinerary, pack your belongings, and say goodbye. However, carefully preparing and planning for your move will make the process organized, easy, and even fun!

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