Everyone gets tired of their house every decade or so and there is a huge temptation to carry out a big renovation. That being said, in many cases a renovation is not required and instead what is needed is a home décor refresh, and that can absolutely be done on a budget. Here is how you can have your home looking good as new on the cheap.

home decoration on a low budget

Clever Thrifting 

Décor items such as old antique frames and vases are abundantly present in vintage thrift shops. Clever buyers are able to upscale these very inexpensive finds into something unique and beautiful. All you need is a tutorial or two online, some basic tools, some spray paint and some elbow grease and you can create stunning décor pieces. In many cases vintage finds tend to be higher quality because things were really made to last several decades ago as opposed to the overly plastic décor we have available nowadays. 

Quality but worn out furniture can certainly be thrifted as well and the internet is filled with beginner-friendly ideas on how to restore and upcycle old furniture. Buying vintage furniture comes with the benefit of having a piece that might not have been mass-produced for an outlet and is therefore rare or unlike something someone else has. It can also help people find furniture from a certain design era they are trying to emulate such as art deco or modern contemporary. 

Peel And Stick Tile, Wallpaper And Accent Paper

If you are trying to make some changes to a rental property (where actual renovations may not be allowed) or simply want to spruce up your home for less, look into peel and stick wallpaper that comes in different faux finishes including marble, granite, and tile. You can redo your kitchen backsplash, your vanity area or you can create wallpapered bedrooms or accent walls for a splash of visual interest and color. Not to mention wallpapered rooms and accent walls look like they were curated by a designer! The best part about using peel and stick wallpaper is that it can be peeled off as the name suggests and replaced with a newer design if you feel like it. 

Books Are The Ultimate Décor 

People underestimate the role books have to play in home décor. Books are used as décor by people who are well-read, sophisticated and classy. You can buy décor books that are empty on the inside or you can buy preloved books and scatter them in different areas of your home. Books do not cost a lot but they impart infinite value especially in terms of knowledge. If you have multiple sitting areas in your home you can buy coffee table books which tend to be hardbacks with a big font and big pictures and illustrations for easy and casual reading. Collect coffee table books in subjects that inspire you such as animals, poetry, art, movie trivia and so forth. 

A DIY Paint Job

They say there is little a brand new paint job cannot fix. If your walls are looking dreary and a little untidy then sand them down and paint them a calming color that inspires joy. If you want a clear canvas as a backdrop for your other décor interventions then you can use neutral colored paint as well. Neutral colored paint can make a room seem larger but colors like yellow or lavender have an uplifting effect on mood and mental health. A dark colored ceiling with neutral walls can make rooms appear taller than they are. Paint does not cost a lot especially if you do it yourself although you can always contact professionals like Indianapolis house painters if you have doubts about the project. 

A Thorough Deep Clean And Cleanse

Belongings can accumulate over many years and a great many of them may no longer spark any joy in your life or offer any utility. Declutter your shelves and cabinets and consider donating, selling or giving away items you have no use for. This gives you an opportunity to include items that are more beautiful and inspiring in your space. Give your home a deep clean at least twice a year and once a year do odd jobs like polishing old furniture and so forth. This makes your existing belongings more attractive and helps you appreciate what you already have. 


Home décor need not be super expensive in order to be impactful. It is often the DIY projects, the sentimental keepsakes and the thrifted, upcycled décor items that end up looking the most beautiful and stunning. Get creative on a budget to have the home of your dreams that you cannot wait to return to everyday. Home décor should be hyper personalized so it imparts joy every day and inspires you to take time out for your hobbies and interests. 

We hope you found this blog post How To Refresh Your Home Decor On A Budget useful. Be sure to check out our post Tips for Renovating on a Tight Budget for more great tips!

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