Your Xbox, Playstation, and consoles are sometimes some of the most valuable items you move. It’s important to pack your gaming equipment securely so it doesn’t get damaged during the move. Gaming equipment is dangerous to transport alone – use these tips for moving consoles safely.

Tips for Packing Gaming Equipment

First of all, give your gaming consoles and electronic equipment a good cleaning or dusting. You don’t want to pack dusty equipment.

Find good packaging

Get all the packaging you’ll need. Original packaging is the best choice because it is already optimized to provide the most protection for your device. If your Xbox or PlayStation box hasn’t been used in a while, check out to find the right size hard box for your electronics. While it’s not the best choice, a regular cardboard box close to the size of your device will do, as long as you pack only your gaming equipment in it.

Protect your valuables

If you’re not using the original or specialty box, be sure to add spacers to protect your devices from rattling, cracking, and breaking. Avoid packing peanuts – they release static electricity, which can short-circuit or shorten the life of electronics. The best packing materials are newspapers, clothing, or anti-static bubble wrap.

Organization is your best friend

Keep cords and controllers with the console. Don’t forget to protect the controllers as well! Improper packaging can cause the buttons and joysticks on the controller to lose sensitivity. Carefully wrap the cords and protect each controller individually. Put all parts of each console in one box – this will keep each gaming system separate and organized. Avoid packing everything that is not gaming equipment in the same box.

It is not forbidden and even recommended to pack the equipment together with the books. They are placed at the bottom of the box and on top. In this way, you can protect against shocks. So do not forget to put your favorite Book Ra in the box with the gaming equipment.

Label the boxes

Carefully labeled boxes are the unpacker’s best friend. Keep a list on a piece of paper as you pack each item. Even the smallest little things will save you time!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to pack your gaming system safely:

  • Before you disconnect anything, make sure you remove all discs or games from the system. Leaving them inside can damage the game.
  • If your system has a battery, remove it from the system before packing.
  • Pack the console, controllers, and any accessories according to the tips above.
  • Put a layer of cushioning on the bottom of the box before you put anything in it. Check out the “burrito method” in our video on packing basics.
  • Place individually packed items in the box so that the heaviest items are at the bottom and the lightest items are at the top.
  • Fill any empty spaces with extra padding or paper to keep items from moving during shipping.
  • Before closing the box, place the second layer of the gasket on top.
  • Label the box with everything in it! The more accurately you do this, the faster you can play games in your new home.

We hope you found this blog post How to Safely Pack Gaming Equipment useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving Furniture – A Guide [Infographic] for more great tips!

Tips for Packing When Moving

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