According to census data, almost 10% of Americans moved from one property to another in 2019. This represents a huge number of people literally moving all their possessions from one place to another. How is it possible to do this without heightened stress?

The key element is to plan ahead. Make lists and then make more lists again in order to begin and stay organized throughout the process. Break down each room in your home and start the process by labelling and packing away things carefully. Also, you could use this time as an opportunity to declutter your possessions because you might have items that are outdated, clothes that no longer fit or house possessions that are broken in some way. Create an area of your possessions that need to be dumped (consider hiring a skip to help) and create another section that can be sent to charity stores.

Get in touch with your local charity store in advance to ask them exactly what they accept and refuse. At least if you do that, you will be in no doubt about what can and can’t go in their pile. Get in touch with family and friends also to see if they want or need any of the items you are planning to offload. You could easily take photos and send them into your groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever messaging system you use and let them pick and choose. You could also consider a sale in your front yard and make some money in the process. This will of course require a little extra work but it could help with the moving costs in the long run. It really depends on how much time you have to dedicate to the process. Another key piece of advice is to start the packing work as soon as is possible as it simply cannot be rushed as otherwise it will have repercussions for when you get to the new property.

The guys at EZ Living have put together the infographic below which documents all the tips and advice related to moving furniture. The graphic outlines best practice in moving so for example, don’t overpack boxes, plan where you envisage the item landing, disassemble items where possible in order to ease the transfer journey and lots more tips along those lines. It also includes valuable information related to international shipping should that be in the cards for your move. That way, at least you have some sort of indication about the possible costs that you can expect to incur. If you’re doing the packing up of your possessions yourself, the graphic details the materials and things that you need to successfully get that done and finally the infographic has some useful “advice from the experts”. Check out the full infographic below for the complete lowdown. Wishing you best of luck on your furniture moving journey!

infographic about moving furniture

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