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Finding the right property solicitor to represent you in your property matters is often unlike finding a girlfriend. You have to ensure that you have picked the right person for the job because you can’t place all your trust in one person.

If you’ve decided to buy a property for investment or use as your home, you will need to find a solicitor from whom you can get legal advice. It’s not easy to find an experienced and competent solicitor who can fight for you in court during the toughest cases.

If you are short on time, you can partner with specialist conveyancing solicitors in London such as AVRillo. They offer the best residential conveyancing services in the entire UK.

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the right solicitor and make sure your purchase goes smoothly.

1. Licensing and Qualifications

Property solicitors must be qualified to practice law in their own right. They will also need to meet certain requirements regarding their profession.

A solicitor must get licensed by the Law Society of England and Wales or the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Similarly, a conveyancer should be regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). More importantly, this means that they have taken an exam and passed it successfully before they can practice as a solicitor.

2. Experience and Reputation

A good solicitor will have many years of experience dealing with cases like yours. The solicitor will also have experience in the field of law, which means that they have dealt with cases similar to yours.

As such, they will know how to represent you properly and give you the best possible advice on your case.

However, it is also important for them to have a good reputation so that other clients will trust them when dealing with their issues in court.

The more experience a solicitor has, the better they can advise you on legal matters. Solicitors should be able to give clear advice about property law and conveyancing requirements.

3. Types of Services

There are many different types of property solicitors. Some specialize in residential property sales, while others work mainly within commercial or industrial sectors. There are also different types of services available from each type of solicitor:

  • Residential Property Solicitor – These solicitors may specialize in residential properties but usually deal with residential and commercial properties. They may also be involved with purchasing a newly built home or one being renovated or converted for another use.
  • Commercial Property Solicitor – These solicitors have more experience with commercial properties and often deal with larger companies than residential ones. They may also have expertise in certain industries, such as construction and manufacturing.

4. Legal Fees

The legal fees vary depending on the complexity of your case.

It is important to find out how much it will cost when you have made an offer on a property. Any quoted fee should be clear and agreed upon before any work begins.

Property solicitor fees rely on the case’s complexity, the property’s value, and whether you have a mortgage.

Property solicitors vary in terms of their fees but, generally speaking, they will charge between £1,000 and £2,000 for an initial valuation and between £3,000 and £5,000 for a full property purchase. Some will also charge an additional fee if you need to sell your property quickly.

5. Communication

A good solicitor should be able to answer all your queries and questions in the most simplest way possible. You have to find the best ways to contact and reach your solicitor.

Make sure your solicitor is well informed of all the ongoing activities regarding your property purchase and communicates the same to you.

Property solicitor must be able to provide you with a system that allows you to track your deal timely.

6. Recommendation

To make sure your solicitor is trustworthy and result-giving, you need to evaluate their background by consulting or taking feedback from previous clients.

The reviews of the clients must be recommending and convincing enough for you to choose

In Summary

Buying a home is stressful and to make it simple for you, you need assistance from a professional who can guide you through difficulties & proceedings of a property purchase.

The moral of the story is that if you have the extra funds to hire a property solicitor specializing in the court in which your case will be heard, do so.

A business-savvy solicitor specializing in these cases will know how to best represent your interests, and their inside knowledge will likely be an advantage.

We understand that choosing the right firm and lawyer for your buying or selling transaction will be an important decision that may significantly impact your business. Keeping in mind the above discussed points will help you in choosing a good solicitor for your buying.

We hope you found this blog post on How to Select a Property Solicitor? useful. Be sure to check out our post on 7 Legal Documents Needed Before Buying a Property for more great tips!

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