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Leather-made products are the epitome of boldness and class. They have been trendy for a long time, and we all know why. The style and aura a leather product holds, for example, a leather jacket or leather bag, are unmatched by any other item. Besides, putting on a leather jacket transforms one’s style completely: it projects a much bolder and confident look.

Leather jackets encourage an active lifestyle. Another thing about them that they never go out of style. Even decades later, people still opt to wear and buy leather jackets because they love their fashion and features.

Owning real, reliable, and durable leather products is for sure an excellent investment. Although it costs a bit to get leather products, knowing that they’re a worthwhile investment gives you complete satisfaction.

Fun fact: With proper care and upkeep, your leather products can last 15 to 18 years, sometimes more.

So, what else do you need? You have perfection and luxury combined.

If you’ve had leather jackets or any leather items before, you know the value of this piece of your outfit. After all, it’s real leather. And that is why it requires extensive care and maintenance.

So, let’s discuss how to upkeep your leather-made products while moving, along with a brief description on how to pack them.

Prevention Points While Packing Leather Products

Folding your leather products can encourage cracks and weird creases on the leather. So completely avoid folding your leather products then. Also, do not iron them if you see wrinkles on them. Heat reduces and evaporates the natural oils and moisture of the material. Therefore, you must take this prevention point seriously.

While moving and shipping your items, keep your leather-made products in a proper box with adequate ventilation. Whether you have leather jackets, bags, boots, hats, or belts, please keep them in proper boxes. After all, these are not like ordinary household items. Also, make sure to always pack leather products last and unpack them first.

To keep them in good condition, do not place the boxes near heat or sunlight for a long period of time. This will keep them in a nice texture and shape.

Additionally, make sure always to keep your boxes in a dry place. If it does get wet, you know what you’re supposed to do. Dry it out immediately.

Moreover, keep the pockets of your leather items clean, tidy, and clutter-free, especially the pockets of your leather jackets. This will help your coat last longer. It will keep your jacket pockets from stretching or tearing out.

Lastly, after moving into a new place, what do you do with your leather products?

You place and hang them in proper places. Hanging your leather jacket and bags with care. Avoid hanging a leather jacket in a simple, wired, or stiff hanger. Instead, get a padded hanger for the coat to prevent creating bumps on it. Same with bags and belts. Can you keep them in a ventilated closet? That will be much better.

Taking Care of Your Outstanding Investment

To make sure that your items’ leather material stays in its pristine form, you must treat it as a treasured and worthy item.

Once you’ve moved, how will you upkeep your leather items and maintain them to make them last longer?

Read the Manufacturer’s Label

Reading your manufacturer’s label and guidelines is the primary step of maintaining and cleaning. It is because leather goes through many manufacturing steps before getting to form, whether it’s a bag, belt, boot, or jacket.

The label may have guidelines such as waterproof, do not machine wash, do not bleach, wash with cold water, and so on. Sometimes, the leather shop where you bought the item can give you guidelines as well.

Follow these general guidelines to keep your products in their soft and smooth form. After all, you wouldn’t want your leather-made products to look unpleasant and rough after you move to a new place.

Next, buy the right cleaning supplies.

Buy the Right Cleaning Products

Useful cleaning supplies to get in order to clean and tidy up your leather products at home after unpacking them are:

  • Saddle soap (specifically for leather products)
  • Cold water (warm water is damaging for leather)
  • Leather milk conditioner or cream
  • Soft cloths (2)
  • Duster
  • Cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol (in case of hard stains only)

Be Gentle With the Cleaning Process

No matter what the label says, you are supposed to be gentle with the cleaning and packing process of your leather products. After investing in such an excellent item, you can’t afford to have cracks on the supple leather. So, what is a proper cleaning procedure?

Either you can clean it at home, or you can opt for professional cleaning services.

Cleaning Leather-Made Products At Home

  • Cleaning leather is effortless and straightforward. The key things to remember are to not add extra moisture and to not rub hard.
  • As mentioned above, you will need a soft brush or a cloth duster, gentle soap or cleanser, and some water. First, brush away all the dirt and dust from your item with a duster. Then make a paste with the gentle leather soap and water. Soak a piece of cloth in the paste and apply it to the product.
  • Do not soak leather products directly into the water.
  • Then, rub off any stains or marks from your item with a circular motion. Once done, dry out the item. Also, for hard stains of ink or coffee, clean them with rubbing alcohol.
  • The next step, get an applicator cloth and spray a few drops of leather conditioner. It is recommended first to do a spot check of all the cleaning products you use. Apply them to an inconspicuous area of your item.
  • If you feel satisfied, only then proceed with the entire process. Make sure to apply any product to your leather item in small amounts. Do not make your item too wet or greasy. Also, make sure to dry it out as soon as possible with a piece of cloth. Wipe away all the excess moisture from them.

We hope you found this blog post How To Upkeep Your Leather-Made Products While Moving useful. Be sure to check out our post 3 Reasons To Dry Clean Everything in Your Closet After a Move for more great tips!


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