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Trying to figure out how to use plastic wrap for moving? For starters, let’s be honest. The whole task of moving can be seriously exhausting. Imagine having to plan and pack all items as well as de-cluttering them in the process WEEKS before the actual move. Here is a Top Guide on How to Use Plastic Wrap for Moving.

Then on the moving day you need to either supervise your moving company, or if you’re a lone wolf who doesn’t trust easily, maneuvering all of your items by yourself. This is seriously going to exhaust you within an hour of your moving process.


In case you think that’s all of the things that make a moving experience bothersome, sorry to burst your bubble but there’s actually more. Aside from the physical fatigue, moving also requires a lot of money. You need to pay money when moving in to your new residence, and there’s even money required for a moving company. Furthermore, you will also need to invest in several materials that are used for packing up your items and personal possessions, to keep them secure for the transport duration to your new place.

See how nerve wrecking that can be? But of course, sometimes moving is a necessity and we can’t say no to that option forever just because it’s hard. You will be refreshed in a new environment with your family and your treasured belongings in their new places and for that, we are here to provide you with ways to lighten your expenses burden. Most of the things that you need to spend money on can’t be ignored but we can offer you a better replacement for your choice of packing materials. Our recommended choice? Buy loads of plastic wrap-and here is why you should.

Why the Plastic Wrap?

With its non sticky, easy to use and environmental friendly qualities, keeping a plastic wrap, or also known as the stretch wrap, can seriously be your biggest life saver during your moving experience. The stretchy material being tear resistance allows it to perfectly secure and minimize damage to your furniture and other personal belongings.

Important pieces such as your artwork, any fragile item or furniture with cushions that you need to transport are kept safe once wrapped around multiple layers of plastic wrap for the extra security. Furthermore, you can get a larger plastic wrap to pack up your equally large furniture such as dressing tables, dining tables or shelves etc. and not have to worry about them getting damaged or the packing getting loose. And here is another great thing about it-you don’t have to use tape for securing the ends of the plastic wrap after you finished packing the item; the wrapping material is the ideal choice because its own material sticks to itself, making it one less worrying thought you would have to deal with otherwise.

How to Use it For Packing?

It’s really not that difficult. After disassembling your large items such as separating the drawers from the furniture that has them, wrap them each up vertically and horizontally and in multiple layers. This is for extra security and to make sure that you have covered each corner.

Roll up items that take too much space such as rugs, carpets, and curtain rods. Roll them together and wrap them up with plastic wrap so you have more space whilst giving your items more protection. Bundle the softer cushion like items like pillows and stuff toys together and then wrap them up firmly for easy and safe maneuvering procedures.

You don’t have to take out every small item from a box to separately pack them. Simply keep the small items such as kitchen utensils, inside a cardboard box in case you don’t have boxes, and then wrap it completely with the plastic wrap. That way, less time is wasted on packing and more space and security is guaranteed.


You might have concerns about any leaks that might happen from your liquid items during the move. Simply use the plastic wrap and block the leak. When packing these liquid items, place a plastic wrap between the bottle mouth and its lid and then seal it tightly. The wrap makes sure that no liquid is spilled as long as it is kept secured in that place.

For furniture that have doors attached to them, unhinging them can be a waste of time and takes up more space and materials while packing. To avoid all that, wrap the whole furniture, doors attached, completely which will keep the door tightly in their place. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about them swinging open when they are being transported to your new home.

Trust us, keeping the plastic wrap in your packing material arsenal is in your best interests. Moving is never easy, which is why you must plan things accordingly. If you find out that your belongings are missing, then it can cause a lot of stress. This is why you should make sure you have a stress free move!

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