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Being tech-savvy can pay off when you are relocating from one place to another. It can significantly cut down on the stress of managing your time, your home, and your loved ones when you move. Thanks to technology, you can make the entire move without having to do much more than click on a button, swipe right, and digitally sign the things that will come your way. This greatly simplifies your moving experience.

Get Moving and Shipping Quotes

Perhaps the most obvious thing is to get multiple moving quotes online. That means getting at least three quotes, although five quotes are better. Most sites have gone digital, meaning that all you need to do is put in your information to get a real-time quote on what you can expect for moving expenses.

In earlier times, everything was done in person. If you wanted to hire moving pros, they needed to visit your house first. If you wanted to get a quote from a moving company, you had to call them and talk to an actual person. When you got someone on the line, you would hope they knew what they were talking about and could give you accurate information.

Now, you can get everything done online, from finding car shipping quotes to moving companies. Give the information they require and get a quote. It’s just that simple, and the entire experience makes moving a lot less stressful.

Inventory Your Home

You may not have thought about it, but taking pictures of your home allows you to inventory your belongings. If you’ve ever had to file a homeowners’ insurance claim or make a move where you hired professionals, you’ll remember the unending pages that listed every single thing you owned. Talk about tedious.

Technology has made it so all you need to do is take pictures of your home to share what you have with your moving company. Images do need to be clear and uncluttered for best results, but all you have to do is send the photos to the moving company once you have them.

The company preps labels and boxes to have them ready for when they arrive to pack your stuff. As a bonus, you have proof of everything you own if you need to refer back to that one thing you could have sworn you had but can’t find when you move.

Check GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of moving vans can be done in one of two ways. Most moving companies today have GPS built into their apps, so you can follow them as they make their way to your destination. You may also be able to see it from the company website.

Alternatively, you can add your own GPS tracker to your belongings to track them yourself. GPS trackers are not as expensive as they once were, and there are services you can use both long and short term when you need to track an item or a person.

Additionally, having GPS will give you peace of mind because you will know exactly where your stuff is at all times. Being able to see things in transit makes you feel better knowing they’re traveling as planned to improve your moving experience. Before GPS existed, you needed to trust the trucker and hope there weren’t any delays. With GPS, you can check for yourself at the click of a button or a tap on your smartphone.

Go Completely Paperless

Because everything is handled online, there is no need for a literal paper trail. Instead, your inventory and billing are done virtually. You sign off on what you want and decline what you don’t. If you don’t need the extra help with professional packing, you can say no without talking to anybody.

If a moving company does need to tour your home, you can do a virtual tour in most cases. You don’t need to have people in your home tracking in dirt or mud, which saves you time because you’re not cleaning up after them. Once the companies review the virtual tour and your requests, you’ll receive a quote.

As you get quotes in, you can compare them against each other without any high-pressure sales talk from anyone. Instead, you get to make the informed decision of which company to choose. Once you decide, you can schedule everything online in just a few minutes—easy peasy.

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Tell Important People You’re Moving

When the decision to relocate for work or move to a different location comes up, you’ll need to let various people know. Usually, those people are family and businesses that need to know if you’re canceling services.

You can use a text or an email to let the family know. Copy and paste individually or send out a group message, and you’re done. It’s a lot easier than calling everyone and getting roped into a conversation about what Uncle Henry did last week.

While you may not always mind having those conversations, they take up valuable time, so group messaging has its place. The concept applies to businesses, too, because you’re going to have to let them all know you’re ending or transferring service due to your move. You can often send them emails or messages from their business portal, making that transition much easier on you.

Get It Done

Using technology allows you to get the work done more efficiently. Get your quotes online within a few minutes and digitally inventory your home so you know what you have. If you’re worried about tracking your stuff, ask about GPS availability to know what you may need to do.

Once you’ve decided which company you’re going to use, everything can be an easy paperless experience. Once you’ve gotten your ducks in a row, you can let everyone know in a way that lets you manage your time to get your home packed because your future awaits.

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