Are you thinking of moving to Atlanta? Perhaps, you have heard a lot of great things about Atlanta and truthfully the city is sure to surpass the stories. Its great music scene, professional sports teams, history, awesome food, craft beer, and more. Well, hearing isn’t enough to do justice to the beautiful city of Atlanta, you have to experience it.

Having decided to move to Atlanta, you must have a lot of questions on your mind. Questions like; Where is the best location to live in Atlanta? The cost of living, advantages, and disadvantages of moving to Atlanta? More importantly, the job opportunities available.

In this guide, we will be sharing why moving to Atlanta between 2022 2023 is a good idea. There will be a list of things to watch out for, overall culture, and things that should matter to you. We will go beyond simple lists and address crucial issues like traffic, job opportunities, entertainment and more.

Atlanta as a Whole 

Moving to Atlanta

Atlanta is a metropolitan city that is home to more than 5 million people. The vibrant city is the capital of Georgia and often regarded as the centre of the New South. Atlanta is rich in both history and entertainment having played host to several civil rights movements as well as being the host for the summer Olympics of 1996.

There is no doubt that there is a lot to explore in the city of Atlanta. Its rich culture blends well with the current culture of commerce making it an economic treasure for Georgia. The city is nicknamed Hotlanta, The Dogwood City, The ATL, The Big A and more. Possessing an unofficial symbol of Pheonix which perfectly captures the city’s rise from the literal fire that burned it to ground during the Civil War.

There is a lot to see and explore in the beautiful city of Atlanta. The city’s appeal helped to cement Georgia as the premier filming location in the world. It is the ideal city for anyone who looking to explore culture, commerce, and entertainment.


Atlanta, Georgia, creates a great old fashioned Southern hospitality. The hospitality being part of an active, fast-growing city, helps attract corporate relocations. Atlanta has a nice blend of diversity similar to NewYork, but not as big. The city’s diversity can be felt through the people, the culture, food, and music.


 There are lots of options to choose from when looking for housing. You can choose to live in an old fashioned apartment, large flats in tall buildings, or obtain a pocket-friendly home. On a small budget, living luxuriously is not entirely out of the picture. You can easily acquire a spacious luxury apartment in Atlanta for half the price of what you would have paid in other large metropolitan districts.

Recently, Atlanta indexed number 1 for the biggest apartments in the country. With studios occupying  570 square feet, one-bedroom is 768 square feet, and two-bedrooms are 1,125.

Cost of Living

Atlanta is an affordable place to live, with the cost of living relatively normal. The cost of living is 2.5% lower than the nationwide average. In general, Atlanta is rather inexpensive than Miami, and a lot more pocket-friendly than New York City.

For the cost of living in Atlanta, the average cost of living should be around;

$1,200 for Lease for a 950 square ft. apartment

$130 for utilities for an individual

$45 for basic dinner out for two at a local bar

$49 for the Internet (8 Mbps)

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Due to the accommodating business environment in the city, several companies have their headquarters in Atlanta. For example, Home Depot, Delta Airlines and United Parcel Service are a few global companies that have their headquarters in Atlanta. In 1885, Atlanta was home to the beverage giant Coca-Cola. As the company grew globally, its operations helps to employ over 9,000 people in the state of Georgia.

According to NerdWallet, Atlanta is in the top 6 cities for job seekers as of 2017. The city is notoriously known for its low business cost. Also, workers in the city of Atlanta are entitled to a $15/hr livable allowance. So, if you are looking to either start a business to get a well-paying job, then look no further than the city of Atlanta.

Advantages of Living in Atlanta

There are several reasons to take up residence in Atlanta. They include;

  • Hotlanta

Atlanta isn’t named Hotlanta for no reason. True to a southern climate, the temperatures can get so high, making residents uncomfortably hot in the summer. Most summer days attain the mid-nineties and can often be quite humid. Nonetheless, the winters are fairly favourable. Snowstorms are of rare occurrence, but when they do hit, they have the habit of closing down the whole city. Winter is usually a difficult time for people in the south. Southerners don’t know how to handle snow like northern friends who will gracefully point one out to you.

  • Nightlife

In Atlanta, “nightlife” is more than just going out and drinking. The charm of Atlanta is the smooth combination of a busy bar scene with a thriving music community, dance clubs, and comedy clubs. An honest and simple way to describe the bar scene in Atlanta is vast, diverse, and tremendous.

  • Music

If you are a person who considers themselves a lover of music, then there is no better place on earth to enjoy music from several genres. Likewise, in places like The Tabernacle, people can enjoy live music in the form of rock, rap, blues and R&B. Likewise, there are places were poets, songwriters and singers can meet and have a lovely creative time. One of such places is the Eddie’s Attic.  Comics are not left out as they can perform their jokes to a live audience in places like the Fox Theatre.

Disadvantages of living in Atlanta

While there are a lot of things that make Atlanta a great place to move to, below are some downsides to the city that you are likely to experience. They are not so bad, but they can constitute an inconvenience.

  • Traffic

The traffic in Atlanta is really terrible. The city’s suburbs are spread out and crossed by several interstates. A major grievance natives have is the sub-par walkability of the city in general. Most people own cars and bank on the interstate system, causing it to jam easily from all the traffic. Most of the citizens need to account for an extra commute time as a result of this.

  • It’s Essential to Own a Car

It’s almost impossible not to be car-dependent in Atlanta. In general, the number of cars on the road tends to contribute more traffic to the transportation system. However, the idea is to find a balance.

The good news nonetheless is that Atlanta is devoted to building The Beltline, which will improve walking, jogging, and bike routes throughout the whole city. The proposal is one of the biggest urbanization projects in the US.

In conclusion, moving to Atlanta is a great move for anybody looking to redefine their lives. It is our hope that this guide will help you come to a decision much faster. If you have any question regarding the city of Atlanta, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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