Have you been considering moving to Atlanta, Georgia? There’s actually reasons and plenty of benefits that justify your relocation to Atlanta. In fact, Atlanta offers various opportunities for professionals, young families, and retirees. Here are some pointers on why you should move to Atlanta.

Why Should I move to Atlanta, Georgia?

You should move to Atlanta, Georgia because of its world class amenities, international cuisine, up-scale shopping, and outstanding social services. These things have made Atlanta a destination for people from all over the US and the world. It’s no wonder why some of the Fortune Top 500 companies have their headquarters in Atlanta.

Consider Food

Atlanta is well known for it’s cultural diversity, and the food is no exception. As always, you can find great food there, especially when it comes to visiting downtown restaurants. Some of the highlights include breakfast, barbecue, and Greek cuisine. Moving to Atlanta means having the streets filled with chain restaurants. You may find this convenient. Famous for the Atlanta Greek Festival to the celebrations along Auburn Avenue during African-American heritage. Food is a cause for celebration in Atlanta. In fact, there is a music or art festival almost every weekend. This brings a great opportunity to broaden cultural culinary knowledge. Especially for food lovers and even for people that enjoy  that kind of diversity.


If you take a few minutes out of your busy day to reflect on some of the definitive moments in American history, you can see that quite a few of them had taken place in Atlanta. It popularized the civil rights movement and has been a witness to many other historic events. If you see for yourself, the tributes are scattered across the city. The city also has a cultural life, with resident professional companies in nearly all the major arts disciplines. For example, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Ballet, and the Alliance Theater.


Atlanta is the 40th largest city by population and located in Fulton County. The city was established in 1937 and became a national center of commerce. Atlanta is the sixth largest economy in America and boasts of a diverse range of industries, including media and business services. Hence, this non-stop growth experienced opens up new opportunities to anyone moving to Atlanta.


Atlanta hosts numerous amount of events and exhibits. Cheap and even free, you can enjoy concerts, art walks, and all kinds of family friendly events. No matter where people have settled down in Atlanta, they mention the incredible atmosphere and local community that makes it worthwhile. Cultural and learning resources like the Atlanta Aquarium, High Museum of Art, and Atlanta History Center. Likewise, there is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Martin Luther King Center for Research and Learning to mention a few. Sure, locals might lose some time in slow traffic, but there is little room for anger and hate in this city.

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Planning a Move to Atlanta, Georgia

Moving to Atlanta can be a big change, but it can also be a great opportunity to start fresh. There are a few things to keep in mind when making the move, such as hiring reliable movers, getting to know your new neighborhood, and finding the right school for your children. With a little planning, the transition can be smooth and exciting.

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Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions – Why Move to Atlanta

Is Moving to Atlanta a Good Idea?

  • Atlanta is a relatively affordable place to live. The cost of living as a whole is 2% lower than the national average. Moving to Atlanta is a good idea because
    • Low Cost of Living
    • Active Food Scene
    • Excellent Weather
    • Growing Economy
    • Booming Culture Scene
    • Great Sports Team
    • Variety of School
    • Public Transportation

Why is Atlanta a Good Place to Live?

Moving to Atlanta is appealing to millennials with its lower cost of living and good employment opportunities. Another attraction for millennials is the fact that half of the population is single. Strong neighborhood associations and easy commutes make it a good place for families as well. 

How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving to Atlanta?

As a general rule of thumb, save 3 – 6 months’ worth of income before moving to Atlanta. This amount ensures that you have a nest egg in the event that mishaps occur once you move. Plan to spend money on the items above, but don’t forget the many other expenses you may incur, including deposits at utility companies, transportation fees, etc.

What’s so special about Atlanta Georgia?

The ATL, A-Town, whatever you may call it. If you’re considering a residential move to Atlanta, you should know that it’s famous for many things. Its diverse musical heritage, Southern Hospitality, sports teams and the world’s busiest passenger airport. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Atlanta?

The best time to visit Atlanta is from March to Ma. That’s when you can take advantage of mild weather while enjoying the city’s concerts and outdoor activities. Though you’ll also have access to various events between June and August, Atlanta summers are notoriously hot and humid, and room rates are at their highest.