City to the Suburbs

Moving from Living in the City to the Suburbs

Have you been thinking of switching up your lifestyle? It’s no surprise that living in the city is way different than in the suburbs. Moving from the city to the suburbs is never an easy choiceBut on the other hand, it can be the best decision you will make. Living downtown can be tempting. It has everything you could need in one place. Here are some useful tips to consider when moving from living in the city to the suburbs. 

For example, when you are downtown you can see an abundance of shops, supermarkets, malls, and bars. Additionally, there’s more nightclubs, restaurants, and schoolsOn the other hand, moving to the city could mean living in a small apartment. Also, there’s the never-ending struggle to find a parking space, and noisy and traffic-jammed streets. Suburbs, on the other hand, provide in a sense more safety, freedom, and peace. The prices are lower, so you could live in a big house with a yard for the same price of small apartment in downtown. In brief, living in the suburbs could mean more freedom, safety, and space. 

Questions to ask if you want to move from the city to the suburbs: 


What’s my preferred method of transportation?   

Those who live in the city are used to having many forms of transportation available whenever they need it. This isn’t always the case for the suburbs. There will be a good chance that you’ll be needing a car.
When you don’t depend on the public transportation and have your own vehicle, it will give you a new sense of freedom. 

Am I ok with the commute to work?  

If you are moving from the city to the suburbs, but still have a job in the city, the commute time is something that you must take into consideration. You should focus on the suburbs that aren’t more than an hour away from your workplace in the city. 

What about the local schools?  

Good school district is important not only to a family with children but to any house owner in the area since adds great resale value. If you are moving to the suburbs with your kids take into consideration their interest. Discuss their needs and find a school that offers services and educational opportunities that your child requires.  

How well does the suburbs fit my needs?  

You may think that you could get used to living in the suburbs, but you have to be sure of that.
Moving from the city to the suburbs is a big decision that requires a lot of research.
Do a quick internet search about the general characteristics of the suburb that you have in mind.
Visit the neighborhood and see for yourself. Take in consideration cost of living, quality of healthcare and schools. Talk with the residents so you will see how everyday life is working in the suburbs and does it suit you. 

We hope these helpful tips have helped you make a choice whether to move to the suburbs or the city. If you need any moving services for your next move feel free to call at: 646-723-4084

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