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Moving from Miami to Washington DC is a big step. It’s exciting, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Believe me: I know! When I moved from Miami about five years ago, I had no idea what to expect and felt completely unprepared. Even though I was excited about my new job in DC, I was still nervous. The first thing that happened after we arrived was my car broke down! So if you’re thinking of making your move between these two cities, here are some tips for planning ahead so you’ll feel more confident when it comes time to pack up.

1. Get to know your new neighborhood

My best piece of advice is to take your time, don’t rush into the move. All too often, people move with little to no planning and end up regretting it later. It’s important to take some time before you make your final decision on where you want to live in Washington DC so that you can make an informed choice about what neighborhood or area best fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

You’ll also want to get some idea of the local schools so that when it comes time for your children’s education, they’ll be able to attend a school near their new home that’s right for them.

Asking others for advice is always good; our friends know us better than anyone else does! So if someone else has already done what you’re about to do (i.e., move from Miami), ask them how they did it.

2. Consider getting a parking space

Parking spaces in cities like Washington DC, NYC and Chicago are expensive and hard to find. So if you plan on staying in one place for a while, it may be worth investing in a parking space. A monthly parking spot can range from around $300 to over $1,000 per month, depending on the area and type of building you live in. However, there are some spots to buy with $300,000!!!

Even if you don’t have a car now but think that eventually being able to drive yourself will be important for your lifestyle, consider buying into a gated community or another secure place that offers covered parking with guaranteed availability—or at least puts money down on one. You’ll likely get better value from this upfront investment than paying daily garage fees while looking for street parking each evening! If this doesn’t work for you and you want to rent parking space in DC, consider monthly parking. It is far cheaper than parking lots and garages and provides the convenience and security of a regular parking space and reduced rates. 

3. Research the cost of living

The cost of living is one of the most important factors in deciding where to move. But it’s also tricky to research because every city has its unique cost of living.

So how do you determine whether your new city will be affordable? There are no hard and fast rules about how much or what type of housing you can expect to find in any given area—and even if there were, those calculations would change with time (like when rent prices go up). Instead, it’s best to research online and see how much others have paid for their apartments or houses.

For example, Zillow’s Rentals page has rental listings by price range—you can browse through them until you know what kind of monthly rent works for you. When making this decision, remember that if it seems too good a deal, perhaps it is! 

4. Pay a visit before you move

One of the best ways to prepare for a move is to visit your new place ahead of time. This can be done on weekends or even at a long weekend, and it’s well worth it. Not only can you take in the tourist sites, but you can do some on-the-ground research about the areas you like. Consider renting an Airbnb in the neighborhood of your choice to get a feel for what it might be like living there.

Once there, ask yourself, where can I find housing? How much does it cost per month? What do people like about living here? The answers may surprise you! In any case, finding out what kinds of neighborhoods exist will help narrow down where exactly within DC may suit your needs best—and what types might not work at all!

Look for job opportunities whilst you are there and get a feel for what is available; there is no better way to know whether you will like an area than to visit first. Try to 

5. Decide what things you want to keep, donate, and throw away

A big part of moving are deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

Your first step should be getting rid of broken or damaged items and then donating items you don’t use. If there are things you want to keep, find a place to store them until you can get settled in your new home. Finally, ask friends and family if they want any of your stuff—they may miss it!

If you plan for your big move, you’ll feel more confident about taking the leap

Planning ahead will make your move less stressful by giving you time to find a place to live, research schools and program offerings in DC, or discover what kinds of activities are available. You’ll also be able to develop a budget that considers all of these expenses so that you know what kind of lifestyle is possible for you.

It will make your move easier by helping you figure out which items to bring along with you and how they should be transported (and whether they need special protection). 

Moving is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. You’ll want to make the transition from Miami to Washington DC as smooth and easy as possible. By following my tips above, I hope it can make your move enjoyable and stress-free.

We hope you found this blog post on Moving from Miami to Washington DC: 5 ways to plan ahead useful. Be sure to check out our post on The 8 Best Things to Do in Washington DC for more great tips!

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