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Washington DC is the only city that you will make you feel a king among kings due to being the Nation’s Capital should you consider long distance moving there. Only in this city can you live in an area that’s home to more people from all around the globe than any other city n the United States including New York. It’s truly an adventure where every street presents a story, filled with so much history. If you’re considering a long distance move to Washington DC, you’ll discover an area that’s bustling with stable employment opportunities, great private schools, a wealth of museums, and a fun thriving nightlife.

Government Opportunities Abound

The Nation’s Capital is the mecca of government jobs and contractor opportunities, boasting one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States. The majority of the positions available in the DC area are directly or indirectly related to the federal government.

If you are considering a long distance move to the city, keep in mind that where you live should be related as to where you are looking to take employment. Because the job opportunities are plentiful in regards to the government, look at which neighborhood they’re located in so that you can have the shortest possible commute. Many government sectors are located in different parts of the city.

The Metrorail will Take You There

One of the great things about long distance moving to Washington DC is its great transpiration system. Take advantage of using the Metrorail system. Many people get along fine without using their cars by utilizing this form of transportation. It’s quite inexpensive to go from Union Station to Bethesda and back without driving there when you have the Metrorail – $14 round trip, and no need to waste money on gas for the car.

Biking is the Way to Go

With the complex grid of one-way roads, diagonal streets and rotaries that make up Washington DC, biking is a very popular way to get around town, whether for business, for pleasure or exercise. Metro stations in DC also have bike racks for when you’re taking the Metrorail around the city. And if you don’t own a bike, DC introduced Capital Bikeshare as a way for users to rent bikes and return them at different points throughout the area.

Pick a Place to Live Based on the Metro Line

What makes Washington DC unique is their distinct neighborhoods that have been firmly entrenched since the 18th century. To determine which area to live if you’re considering a long distance move, look at the metro line that you would need to use for morning and evening job commuting. By determining your budget, you can more easily choose which area is better, especially as it relates to driving and parking. Some of the areas that you should consider long distance moving to Washington DC include Columbia Heights, Cleveland Park, Clarendon, and Woodley Park.

Vast Selection of Private Schools

The area is known for a having many great private day schools for grades K-12 for those who are considering moving to the area with a family. There are both religious and secular schools such as the National Cathedral School and the Maret School respectedly that you can have your children attend once you’ve completed your move to the DC area.

Bustling Nightlife

Happy hour is big in the Nation’s Capital where there are a plethora of bars and pubs for anyone to grab a drink. A lot of extra-curricular and socializing happens around Washington DC’s thriving nightlife where it’s not hard to meet new people whether for fun, networking, or just to get out of your home.

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