Moving in Together for the First Time?

Here are 3 Tips to Stay Organized

Moving in with a partner is an exciting step, but the excitement ahead might leave your head spinning. There are so many decisions to make as you venture into unknown territory, but every challenge will be worth it once you settle into your new space. As you begin to make the transition, check out these tips below that will help you stay organized so you can start out on the right foot in your new space! Here is a How to Guide to: Moving in Together for the First Time.

Moving Checklist

Keep a Detailed List

When you are packing up your life and getting ready to combine your belongings with your significant other’s, you should keep a detailed inventory of what you have and what you need. Chances are you will find that you have duplicate items and appliances, so keep a spreadsheet to identify what you can donate, and what items you are missing. If you keep your list organized, you will save yourself from moving unwanted items, and you’ll realize what necessities you don’t have prior to arriving in your new home.

Be patient with your partner during this process as well, and understanding when they might not want to let go of certain items that you’re not too keen on keeping. Try creating a bartering system to allow your partner to keep one item you don’t want, in exchange for letting you keep something they don’t see in your new home. Don’t let this get too out of hand, but it can be a fun way to cut the tension if you find there are some disagreements about what should be brought to the new space, or discarded.

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Be Intentional when Packing

When you are packing up your things, make sure that you keep everything intentionally packed in an organized fashion. When you move, you don’t want any of your valuables or important keepsakes to be lost among your partner’s belongings. Even though you are combining spaces, you’ll want to keep your boxes separate during the moving process so that nothing important to you gets lost in the shuffle. You might want to use a symbol or star system to mark the boxes, or even move from your former moving spaces on separate days. Once you make the move and have everything in one place it will be easier to mix and match personal possessions.

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Wait to Buy Furnishings

While it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary items for your new home, you shouldn’t worry about having all your decor and furnishings bought and ready before you move into your new place. After you move and are settled into your new space you’ll have a better feel for your budget and the type of furniture the will be most useful. Use second hand furnishings or the furniture that you already have while you are moving, and spend some time living in your space before investing in new pieces. It may look empty at first, but over time, you will accumulate quality furniture pieces and your home will come together. If you take your time, you’ll be able to pick out the right pieces and invest in something special. For example, a comfortable living room set that will be the best fit for your space.

Here at All Around Moving wish you GOOD LUCK in this new journey! 

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