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Downsizing or moving into a smaller home doesn’t seem positive at first, but only when you live in a smaller space do you realize just how beneficial and easy it is. Whether you are changing cities, moving in with your beloved or moving because of the burdensome expenses of a large place, the transition will be one of the best decisions you have made. From renovation to maintenance, everything is simpler and you can get rid of all the junk that you may have accumulated over the years. That’s right. Benefits of a small house are endless. Here are some amazing tips for moving into a smaller home to help you prepare for downsizing your home.

That being said, moving from a big house to a smaller one can be challenging. You don’t know what things to take with you and which ones to discard. It is easy to say, ‘I will get rid of the extra stuff’, but doing it takes a lot of time, thought and emotional disentanglement. Be it a decision of choice or necessity, getting rid of a large house and settling into a smaller one requires a certain mindset.

The limitation is in Your Mind

You can never be limited by the house you live in, change that mindset. There is nothing wrong with becoming minimalist. In reality, it helps not only to de-clutter the house but your mind and emotions as well. When you start living in a small house with family, you understand what things are important to you. Is it the furniture you want to take along or the memorabilia you have collected from your travels? Do you prefer spending time in the living room and should decorate it more or is it the bedroom?

Think all this through and then look for a place that suits your needs.

Inventory Helps

Lists are the best guides, so get down to making them. By inventorying all the stuff you possess you will be surprised to find out just how many of them are of little to no interest to you. Making an inventory is one of the best tips for moving into a smaller home.

You will be eager to either replace them or get rid of them completely before you start living in a small house with family. This may seem like an insurmountable task, so do it one room at a time. Keep in mind that all the things you own are just things. If they are unnecessary, get rid of them because chances are you won’t be able to fit them in your new house.

If you feel that it takes too much out of you emotionally, ask friends or loved ones to help you out. Make a party or an event (garage sale) out of it and you will realize that it was more fun than you thought possible.

Sell the Unwanted Items

There is nothing more entertaining than getting money out of all the things you had collected over time. So hold a garage sale or put them up on eBay. You will get money to buy new things before moving into a smaller home and get rid of the things that will not fit in your new space.

Keep reminding yourself that it would be fun to get some new things for the new place and it would make it easier to get rid of the things you thought were actually important to keep.

Avoid Duplication

If you are moving in with someone, you need to check your inventory. If the two of you possess the same two things like glass sets or dishes, couches or chairs, then there will no space for you guys to live in as your things will take over. Mutually decide which one is the best thing for the new place and only take one of them instead of creating duplicates. This will also help you get a better deal when it comes to moving quotes.

Remember, you would both want to buy new stuff to make newer memories instead of holding onto the old ones.

Be Willing to Let Go

There is nothing more important than the ability to let go at the right time. Not just with situations and people, but with things too. Keep in mind that even when you have moved to the new, smaller place, there could be many more things that you will not be able to keep. This is simply because you lack space. Hence the reason that instead of becoming upset, take it in your stride and be prepared to let go of some items you consider irreplaceable. Remember, benefits of moving into a smaller home weigh more than the items you’re holding on to.

Storage Place as a Last Resort

It is not recommended but if you are still left with things that you don’t want to get rid of or have been trying to sell but unable to get good money for it, then you can keep them in a storage house. These storage units allow you to rent them out for as long as you need. But try to settle the things soon after moving into a smaller home so that you don’t have to pay too long for the rented space. Only this way you can experience all the benefits of moving into a smaller home.

Try out these suggestions for moving to a smaller home, tips to see what works best for your stress-free move.

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