Are you planning to move? If so, then you are going to face some stressful circumstances. Messy rooms, shifting schedules, and inadequate packing material can be some reasons to temper your excitement about moving. Here are some great moving tips for you on how to pack and move a messy house.

Moving Tips

Craft a Detailed Plan

One of the best tips to make moving easier is to plan ahead. Yes, this plan must be ready to go before you pick up the first vase and pack it in a box.

Take out a notepad, get some hot cocoa and sit down with your family. Moving warrants a dedicated meeting, so make sure that everyone is there. Start by discussing the responsibilities. Everybody must know what they are in charge of. Imagine that your son does not know about his assigned tasks and forgets to pack his clothes that are to go out first with everyone else’s. This will cause a lag and ultimately disrupt your well-thought-out plan.

Furthermore, this meeting should also include discussion of the move date itself. Do not rush it, nor try to delay it because you are not feeling “ready” enough.

Discard Unnecessary Items

Moving to a new place isn’t a fairy tale where you just pack your bags and move away. You have to go through a tiring process of packing dusty old items that you didn’t even know you had. A sensible way to deal with this situation is to discard furniture items or anything that you believe is useless. You can donate it, or if it is not in good condition, you can throw it out. There are many resale websites that you can use. Just take good pictures of your stuff, write a detailed description, and put it up for sale. Hopefully, someone will buy it and take off your hands. For items that do not sell, donate them. In this way, you will have a much simpler move rather than packing and unpacking old, dusty items.

Use a labelling System

Picture this! You finish your move. Everything goes as planned. However, when you want to make your first meal that requires a grill pan, you cannot find it. Reason? “Unlabeled pile of boxes.” So, you will have to open everything until you find that pan.

You must be wondering what can be done to avoid this horrifying situation. Well, you can turn yourself into Monica from Friends. Take out all of your stationery and make some labels. Try to divide the label into three sections. Specify the room where the box will be placed. Next, write down the contents of it. Lastly, put special labels on fragile items. In this way, such boxes will not be placed at the bottom of the stack. If you are a college student who is currently moving and has a college essay assignment, don’t worry! You can get cheap essays for sale online.

Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies

When it comes to how to pack a messy house to move, supplies should be the first thing you should purchase. You can win half of the moving battle by obtaining boxes in the correct quantity and sizes.

But you don’t have to purchase the boxes. Here is a trick. Go to your nearest grocery store and ask them for empty shipping boxes. Try calling your friends and ask them for appliance boxes or cartons. Remember, getting several empty boxes is better than getting one big one. This is because smaller boxes are manageable, and there is considerably less chance that something will break.

Moving supplies aren’t limited to boxes. Get yourself a box cutter and strong packing tape. For fragile items, get some bubble wrap or newspapers. If you have purchased supplies from a moving company, you can always return the unused items and get a refund.

Prepare Your Destination

Making sure that you have packed correctly and affixed labels aren’t the only things that will make moving easy. You have to prepare your new home too. Utilities must be connected so you won’t worry about electricity or water. There are cases where you think you have covered everything, and then you get the surprise of having no electricity and water because you forgot to notify the utility companies. How are you ever going to survive amidst an army of boxes, with no electricity and nothing to wash with? So, the day before you move, visit your new house and check all of the utilities are working.

Make Pre-Cleaning a Priority

Packing dusty objects with a thought that you will clean afterward is a recipe for a moving disaster. Try to clean all your belongings. Make sure everything is spotless before it goes in the box. This also applies to your fridge. Take everything out, check for expiry dates. Let the ice defrost and clean it thoroughly. Now, this pre-cleaning tip is not solely for your old house activities. Hire cleaners who will make sure that your new home is squeaky clean. Get them to sanitize all of the windows and doors. By taking some appropriate steps, you will save yourself from long cleaning hours and extra mess.

Pack By Room

Another plan of action should be that you tackle each room separately. Instead of packing your entire house at once, take things slowly and in an organized manner. This advice makes it to the top of moving tips and tricks. Ensure that each box contains items from one room only. That way, when you unpack, you will know where to place the items.

Pack Essentials Separately

It is essential to stay calm and focused. After all of the easy ways to pack for moving are discussed, it is crucial to include one major tip: packing the essentials. Do not pack away your day-to-day must-have items such as:

– Toiletries

– Medication

– Pet supplies

Try to put these in a bag that you will have by your side. In this way, your first night or even the initial days won’t pose much of an issue.

Moving shouldn’t look like you will be climbing Mount Everest. Sit down with your family and come up with a plan. Get all of the supplies beforehand, and don’t forget to add labels. While you at it, send someone to your new house to ensure the utilities are working. Happy moving!

We hope you found this blog post Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier useful. Be sure to check out our post Moving Guide Checklist – Step by Step for more great tips!


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