Moving Guide Checklist

Moving Guide Checklist – Step by Step

Checklists have always been an effective way to get things done in order without missing anything out. A checklist is ideal when you’re moving because it helps you make sure you’ve taken care of everything. This gives you peace of mind. Before you make the next big move, you must create a checklist of all the things you need to get done within a couple of weeks prior to your move. From packing to unpacking, there are many tasks you need to do in between. Following is a Moving Guide Checklist- Step by Step list for you to follow if you cannot make one all by yourself. 

1. Make a budget 

You cannot spend excessively without keeping the receipts of where you spent all your money, therefore, you must make a budget that sums up all the coming expenses from arranging a moving company to making other arrangements and appointments. Stay within the budget and make a book of accounts to write every little expense in it. 

2. Look for a moving company 

Find a moving company that is somewhere in between your new and old house. The closer, the better. Schedule a moving company and check in with them every now and then to keep your appointment confirmed.

3. Find schools 

For your children, find schools in the new area you are moving to so their education and everyday routine stays like the usual. Enroll your children once you find a school. Here are 8 Tips on Helping your Kids Adjust after Moving.

4. Make arrangements for your travel

If you are moving your city or going overseas, you must need to make arrangements for your flight and make reservations at the hotel accordingly.

5. Contact your doctors and insurance agents 

Look for a new doctor after talking for suggestions to your regular doctor. Take all the medical records of the family if you did not have them before. Similarly, call your insurance agents and get everything checked just in case there is a need for changes regarding your properties.

6. Start packing 

Get to the main task of packing things efficiently by finding helpful packing hacks. Get boxes, label them, make an index of the things you have put in a box, wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or white paper, etc.

7. Drop your pets at the care-taking facility

On the day of the move, drop your pets to either a care-taking facility for a day or ask your friends or family to keep them while you move

8. Call utility companies 

So that when you move into the new house, you have the utilities like electricity, internet and phone services a day before the move-in.

9. Get car services 

Make sure your car is up to date. Take your car for maintenance and get the services it requires so there are no problems on the way to your new house. 

10. Change your address 

Along with visiting the local post office for changing your address, change your mailbox number as well. Make sure you leave the address for your new location with your neighbors.

11. Schedule and confirm the movers 

This is just for the sake of the confirmation a couple of days prior to your move just to make sure that everyone is prepared. This is your chance to ask any last minute questions about payment or your move.

12. Storage giveaway or a garage sale

Don’t just throw it out. Once you are done with packing and have piled up the things to donate, sell or giveaway, either start a garage sale or pay a visit to a charity for a donation.

13. Disassemble furniture 

Do this yourself instead of getting the movers to do it for you, it will cost you less and there are fewer chances of damaging any precious part of the furniture. If you want to have a stress free move though, you can always get the professional movers to do it for you for an extra cost.

14. Make your move 

Get going to your new place as you check all the tasks off your list. Hopefully your mind is at ease with these tips.

15. Restore everything back to normal

Unpack and settle down in your new house as you were in the old house. Make sure nothing got lost in the process.

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