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Moving to a new home is hectic. But if you don’t avoid certain mistakes, the overall process becomes even more toiling and stressful.

However, if you can spot those typical mistakes beforehand, you’ll end up moving your items to the new residence comparatively easily. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the top ten mistakes that every mover makes so that you know which pitfalls to avoid. Besides, we’ve shared five amazing tips to pack and move your things lightly and without damage.

Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes While Moving to a New Home

Moving to beautiful cities in Texas like Austin, Jefferson, Dallas, El Paso, Wimberley or anywhere else may be a nice and exciting idea. However, the moving itself involves so many tasks, including packing, hiring movers, helping, etc.

You must also ensure that your new house is ready for you to move into and restart your life immediately. But don’t rush with the electrical and plumbing service in the new house. For instance, don’t rely on a service if it seems a little more expensive than expected; you should wait and choose the provider best suited for your needs.

“It’s always best to get a second price opinion, even if your plumbing emergency is urgent,” says Dan Parker, a local Dallas plumber at RC Pros.

Nonetheless, there are mistakes that we often make even before moving to the new house. Below, we’ll share ten such mistakes we overlook while moving to a new residence;

1. Lifting Heavy Objects by Yourself

One of the most typical mistakes often movers make is lifting heavy objects by themselves. You must avoid it.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t go lifting the heavy stuff and try to move them around. It’s okay to give a helping hand, but it’s at the same time dangerous.

If you’ve hired a moving company, let the movers do the job for you. They’re professional and experienced enough to ergonomically lift and carry heavy objects and furniture from one place to another.

You may not only break a heavy but valuable piece of furniture like a vase, chair, or painting while lifting it, you can badly injure yourself in the process.

2. Packing Items Haphazardly

Packing your items in cardboard boxes or luggage is difficult. And if you don’t pack them smartly, you won’t have enough space to put everything you need to carry with you to the new place.

It’s important to sort out the lighter items from the heavy ones. Also, you must separate the delicate items that are made of glass or clay.

Leaving them inside any bag or box unknowingly may break them while moving. You or the movers may accidentally sit on them or drop them on the floor. Hence, your precious useful things will be wasted. So, declutter your items properly before packing and moving.

3. Packing Fragile Items Carelessly

If you want your fragile items safe and unbroken while relocating, consider packing them wisely. Separate your glassware, plates, clay items, etc., and pack them in bubble wraps.

Don’t forget to seal the wraps with tape. Besides, you must pack them separately and put them vertically into thick boxes without stuffing other items in that same box.

4. Packing the Documents and Papers Last

Leaving your old home doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll care any less for your precious documents. During most moves, people often pack these documents later and find themselves in an overwhelming situation.

In the confusion and stress of packing and loading other stuff, you may often forget to pack the documents and papers. Or worse, you’ll stuff them with irrelevant items and later find them difficult to retrieve.

Thus, sort your passport, job ID, medical documents, driving license, rental papers, and such items even before packing your clothes and furniture. Keep them in safe envelopes and then secure them by putting them into waterproof bags.

5. Not Listing Everything That’s Moving with You

Don’t make the mistake of not registering everything you’re packing for relocation. By listing out things, you’ll be able to pack them according to their size, material, and necessity.

You can also go about making categorized lists for furniture, kitchen items, bedroom items, first aid & medicines, papers & documents, etc.

Such lists will aid you in packing things ahead of the moving day. Thus, you can prioritize which items to start packing with until the moving day arrives.

A smart listing like this will ensure safe and hassle-free packing and delivery to your new home.

6. Planning and Booking a Moving Company at the Eleventh Hour

One of the worst decisions while moving to a new home is to contact the moving company at the last moment. Moving companies are always on their toes, shifting and moving to different cities, states, and even countries.

Hence, you can’t expect them to be at your service at short notice. So if you wait till the very end, you may not find a proper moving service at all or have to settle for one that is at best subpar.

Make a plan to call the closest moving agencies in your area. Expert and professional movers are available all over Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Austin, and many cities in Texas or anywhere else in the United States for that matter.

Explore their range of services, prices, and quality. Consult your friends and family to verify which company to go with.

7. Hiring a Moving Company at Hourly Rates

The hourly rates are something most companies charge to move when there’s a peak in demand.

And companies may capitalize on your urgency while squeezing unrealistic and prohibitive amounts of money from you. So you should never hire a moving company at hourly rates. But why?

That is primarily because you never know how many hours it may take for them to move your goods. Moving is an arduous and time-consuming affair, especially considering the fact that you may have a lot of fragile goods. So if you hire a moving company on hourly rates, that might throw your moving bills through the roof.

So, hire a moving company at a fixed rate. You can always tip the movers depending on their quality and commitment to work.

8. Moving on a Holiday

It’s become a rule of thumb to carry out the moving job on holidays. It must be like groupthink where you’re doing the things others do without considering the consequences.

So, consider this. If you’re planning to move to your new home on a holiday, remember, you’re not the only one doing this. Moving companies are usually drowned in their previously scheduled moving jobs in holidays because most renters have booked them already.

So, the chance of finding your slot to move with the help of a moving agency is very slim. And you know what may happen even if you happen to find one during rush hours. We’ve discussed them above— incredible hourly rates, subpar services, etc., making the whole moving experience expensive and horrible.

9. Packing Without Tape and Labels

Your packing isn’t complete without securing them. It’s good to pack your vulnerable items in bubble wrap or thick boxes. But did you just forget to wrap them with tape?

Leaving your packets and boxes open will only make you lose things. Besides, it’ll be harder for the movers to carry them properly. You can use the usual sealing tape or gummed paper tape to seal the carton boxes.

Moreover, don’t leave the boxes and packets unlabeled. Label each box with a permanent marker to identify which box carries what items.

Labeling the boxes will help you plan an appropriate placement for them in your new house. Later, in your new house, you can just pick each box for the items you need to unbox as needed.

10. Handling Your Kids Poorly

Preparing to move with kids at home makes the task overwhelming. However, with patience and tactics, you can manage things much better.

Don’t leave your kids unaware of the moving plans and dates. They should be mentally prepared for this, so that when the day comes, they aren’t affected too much by it. Let them know that the new residence will be a better place than this one.

You can let them pack some of their belongings like toys, books, and some light objects. Don’t scold them if they irritate you while moving. To avoid this, prepare some snacks and drinks to keep them occupied.

5 Tips While Moving to a New Home

Applying some practical tips can make your moving task much lighter and hassle-free. Let’s find out five moving tips below:

Declutter All Items

Declutter your belongings whether they are small or large. Having known of the size and weight of your personal and household items will let you pack them in the right boxes without damage.

Sending Kids and Elders Elsewhere

Send your kids and elders somewhere appropriate while you pack, move, and unpack can be a good idea. Keeping them occupied for a couple of days will give you space to arrange things properly.

Calling Friends and Family

You can call some friends and family members to lend you a helping hand in your cleaning, packing, and moving. That can lessen the burden a great deal and make the transition really smooth.

Rationing or Planning Your Subsistence

To save time on a moving day, prepare something to eat and refrigerate them beforehand to avoid further hassles while relocating.

Dealing with Heavy Furniture

Apart from letting the moving company handle your heavy furniture, you can also sell it, disassemble it, or even leave it behind to make the moving easier.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s pretty much of the common mistakes most movers make. If you’re planning to move to a new place any time soon, prepare well ahead of that day.

After reading this, you should have learned how to smartly handle your belongings, utilities, kids, and pets during a move. If you haven’t already, you should also start exploring and contacting the best moving companies in your locality. They may also advise you on how to prepare well for relocation.

We hope you found this blog post on Moving to a New Residence: Avoid These Top 10 Moving Mistakes to Make It Easy useful. Be sure to check out our post on 10 Ingenious Ways To Save and Earn Money On A Move for more great tips!

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