New House with Dog

Moving to a new house is not only very stressful for the whole family. It can be a very stressful event for our beloved pets, too. That is why it is best to adhere to the following tips to make the transition a lot smoother for your pet. Moving to New House with Dog: Moving Tips for 2023:

  •  Pet Proof Your New Home

It is best to prepare your new home before the rest of your family moves in. Most dogs do not like sudden changes. That is why preparing your new house for your pet’s arrival is crucial.

Make sure that your new home has a secure perimeter fence. You may need to install electronic door for your dog in your new house. The reason for this is quite simple. Pets will want to explore their new surroundings. They will want to know if it is a safe environment for them.

There are also dogs that can become so anxious about their new home that they will attempt to return to their previous house. It is not unusual for some dogs to trace their “origins”. This is a natural behavior in canines. They are more comfortable and more secure in their “established territories”. Being in a new place often means that the dog is in a new territory.

You might also want to use a dog couch cover on your furnishings. Anxious pets have the tendency to urinate in areas that they should not. This is all part of their territorial marking behavior. They may want to pee on your couch to leave their “mark” on the surface. This marks the boundaries of their territory.

Pet Proof Your New Home

  • Recreate a Very Familiar Space in Your New House

This goes hand in hand with pet-proofing your new house. It is important to recreate the very same space that your pet dog has in the previous house. Make sure to use the same dog bed, water bowl, food bowl, and dog toys. You also need to arrange these in the same manner as the previous setup. Doing so will help reduce the anxiety of your canine friend.

Unfortunately, your new home may have a very different layout from the previous one. It is best to recreate the doggie space as close to the original as possible. This will help your dog feel right at home when it arrives.

  • Acclimatize Your Pet to Moving Things

It would be great to acclimatize your pet dog to the scenario of moving items a few weeks before your scheduled move. You might think that duct tapes and cardboard boxes are not scary. However, your pet dog may think otherwise. You also have a lot of people helping out in the move.

Condition your pet to the presence of these boxes and other moving items a few weeks before the move. Unroll duct tapes and plaster them into boxes. Your dog should become familiar with the sound of duct tape getting ripped. Let your canine friend sniff these items, too. This will make it feel more at ease when it is time to move.

  •  Keep Your Dog’s Normal Routine

We already said that most dogs do not like sudden changes. Unfortunately, the last few weeks before the move are often the busiest. Most people will no longer be able to give enough attention to their dogs. They may no longer play with them or walk them. There are also pet owners who may feed their dogs at a much later time.

It is crucial to observe your dog’s normal routine. If it needs its walk at 7 in the morning, then you should forget packing first and walk your pet. They also expect you to play with them like you always do. If your dog is already accustomed to playing ball with you for 15 minutes every day, then you should stick to the same schedule.

The same is true when you are already in your new home. Your pet needs to understand that nothing has changed, except for the venue. It still eats the same dog food at the same time. It can still rely on you to take it out for a much-needed potty break.

  • Place Your Pet in a More Comfortable Place during the Move

Everyone will be very busy on moving day. People will be shuffling from room to room, carrying stuff. Others will be making last-minute organization and packing. It would help if your pet is already conditioned to such an experience. However, nothing can prepare your pet dog for the real thing.

That is why it would be advisable to bring your pet to the house of a relative. Make sure that your pet has been there many times already. This will help minimize the dog’s anxiety. An alternative will be to seek the services of a professional pet sitter. He or she can take care of your dog during the day of the move. Again, it would be ideal if the dog is already familiar with the pet sitter.

  • Show Compassion and Be Patient

It takes time for dogs to acclimatize to their new surroundings. Some dogs can feel right at home the moment they arrive at their new place. Other pets may require a few weeks to a few months of adjustment. If your dog happens to be the latter, then you need to be patient and compassionate.

Expect a lot of behavioral issues that will crop up in the first few weeks in your new house. Your pet may whine, bark, scratch, or become the typical Velcro dog. These behaviors are often absent prior to the move. If so, then it only bolsters the suspicion that these behavioral issues are related to the change in the environment.

Be patient in sticking to your dog’s routine. Be compassionate about your pet’s increased clinginess and attention-seeking behaviors. Your pet needs your understanding. Do not let your frustration get the best of you. Always adhere to the principles of positive reinforcement dog training methods.

Moving into a new house is a very stressful experience for everyone in the family, including pet dogs. You can minimize their stress levels and ensure a smoother transition into their new home by following the tips we shared with you here.

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