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Packing for a new home is exciting and nerve-wracking. You’d think about the best way to get started. Well, moving is not just a task that people hate. Animals especially dogs loathe it more than humans. Avoiding all the unpleasant effects of moving is impossible, but you can at least try to make it bearable for your furry friend. Here is a list of answers to How Do You Help Dogs Adjust to Moving.

Moving with a Dog:

Stick to the Old Routine

All mood swings and behavior changes you would notice are directly related to moving. So what can you do to make things how they were? Simply replicate the same comfortable environment as before for your dog. If your dog has a habit of waking up, playing in the yard, eating breakfast, and playing some more, then try to repeat the same pattern in your new house, to make the pet feel at home.

If you’re not able to spend the same amount of time as before, then you can try to replicate some components of it now and then for the next few weeks. Once your dog gets used to the new routine, he’ll accept the new changes.

Try not to purchase new gear at the moving time

It is normal to purchase new furniture, new crockery, and new beddings when you move into a new apartment. But try to limit these desires only to yourself and let him be with his old belongings until he doesn’t become accustomed to the new house.

It is very discouraging for most people to bring in old food bowls and fur covered blankets to a new place, but these things bring comfort to your dog, so try not to replace them. If you want to buy new things for your dog, then wait a few weeks till he adjusts and is ready to accept his new home. Until then, stick to his old gear.

Lots of Affection

Showering your dog with lots of Affection – playing, walking with him and just cuddling with him is something you do normally, right? But somehow, due to the hectic routine when moving into a new place, the fear and excitement are so overwhelming that you forget the simplest of tasks that you do daily. Even if you are not doing it intentionally, but packing and moving can drain most of your time and life that you would spend elsewhere.

It’s difficult to think that your dog won’t feel neglected in the moving process but if you do get time during the day, spend it with your dog. Give them some attention to remind them how important they are.

Leave your dog’s favorite snack and toy when you’re not around

Even the dogs that have stayed alone for years and years will feel uncomfortable when moving into a new place. This is a normal behavior. Few dogs are sensitive to new beginnings and need time to feel okay when left alone at a new place. Try not to leave your dog home alone for a few weeks before he becomes comfortable. If it’s an emergency, leave him with a trusted neighbor or a pet sitter.

If you’re moving in with your partner, then take turns to stay back and look after the dog, this is fair to every member. And even if you leave, do a quick round and come back home to your pet.

Do not leave him bored and waiting for you. You can leave him his favorite treats, his favorite stuffed toy, his bed and comfortable blanket which will remind him of the previous home and thus help him feel at ease.

Enjoy floor time with your dog

One thing that helps dogs adjust is the sense of familiarity. They can remember scents. You can help them get familiar to the new home by adding those same scents as your old house. This can easily be done by spending maximum time with him on the floor, playing or cuddling. This will also compensate for all the times you neglected him during the packing.

Be tolerant

This will require more effort on your behalf. You may hear this advice often but it’s wise to give your dog time to adjust to the new neighborhood at his own pace. Some dogs adjust in a few days. Some may take weeks or even months at a time.

Irrespective of how long your dog takes, you must observe complete patience with dogs. Also, try to set aside any fears you might face for their sake.

Ensure your pets is ready for the move

The question you need to ask yourself is whether your pet wants to travel with you. You might be confident that your dog wants to move with them when in reality the poor creature is terrified of traveling and noises. Once your pet is ready for the move, do contact your local movers to know if they can help you transport your pet safely to the new place.

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How to Move to a New Home with Pets

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