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It’s moving day! And it comes with mixed feelings. You feel excited, worried, stressed, or optimistic about what’s to come. So it’s nearly time to go. You’re saying your goodbyes and looking forward to your new place. More realistically, you’re looking forward to it all being over. Irrespective of the reason for moving, it is often described as a stressful experience, although exciting too.

Ensuring that everything is organized and having your moving checklist done can help to release this concern and avoid any disappointment. Moving day has a lot of different elements to it; having a checklist can make all things easier for you and your household  and a removalist can be the best solution.

The responsibility of a removalist is to pack all of your belongings safely, transport them to the new address, and then set up everything carefully. Removalist companies provide jobs from packing and unpacking fragile items, pet transport, temporary storage facilities, and setting up your new place. These days, there’s hardly anything you need at home that people don’t provide or offer professional services to, in as much as the service is of high quality.

Today, Australia’s local, interstate, and storage removals and business relocations, amongst others, are stress-free. With the leading removalist company, moving to or from Perth will make the whole experience exciting and hassle-free. So, whether you are moving into or from Perth, to avoid stress and backache, the best advice is to utilize one of the best removalists in Perth to do the heavy lifting and transporting for you.

Seeing that the hustle-and-bustle of moving can be so overwhelming, especially when you’ve got quite some big stuff to move, you need it to be a stress-free transition in your life. This is why many people turn to the internet to get peace of mind. While preparing, you are likely to consider half or a dozen professional removalists to help you on the big day. Not all removalists offer the same services. More reason you should take note and consider some things with your removalist before the date comes up.

Remember, moving to a new house or office space is a delicate process. For instance, if it is an interstate move, you need to take the time to know your interstate removalist, then trust them. The best way to do this is through thorough research. And this doesn’t mean you should search every corner of the internet. Instead, check through the features of a high-quality interstate removalist as you read this. Your first challenge is to gain an understanding of the many tasks ahead. This includes a few helpful moving checklists covering everything that needs to be done before and on a moving day. Some tips to consider are

1. Know your removalist

The internet is at your fingertip to get whatever details are needed. However, you need not be carried away, especially when fraudsters are out there looking for people to scam. One thing you consider and give preference to is a removalist company that is accredited by The Australian International Movers Association (AIMA).

This means that the removalist must be qualified to meet the highest standards, including knowledge on how to use equipment and pack items correctly. This is the best way to confirm that you’re dealing with professionals. The removalist’s name should be in the Australian Business Register. It establishes their authority to operate across states.

The company should show reliability and commitment to conduct your residential interstate removal. With that, you can figure out if they provide insurance for your household items. Some services also require specialized knowledge.

For example, if you need help removing a heavy item like an antique piano, you want to be sure they can handle delicate and oversized items. By the same standard, ensure they can provide things like residential, commercial, or warehouse removals, depending on your situation.

● Even after you’ve confirmed this many times, getting information from family and friends helps in the decision-making. Talking to friends helps you better understand when they share their experiences. It would be best if you found a reputable, experienced mover that understands what moving entails and is flexible to your requirements. If you don’t feel confident in your removal company, you will feel worried and stressed.

● It’s a good idea to research the company thoroughly, ensure all certifications they claim to have are current and ask to see references and feedback from previous moves. Reviews and testimonies also serve as determining factors. You visit the company’s website to check out customer reviews. This will help you decide whether to go ahead or consider another. The reviews come in handy to know how a service provider interacts with customers.

● The removalist’s social media pages are another rich source of honest reviews to help you decide. For example, if you are moving in of Perth, search something like this, All Around Moving Company.

2. Meeting with the removalist

After being convinced of which removalist company to transact with, you can go on the website to make inquiries about all that you need. However, if you can easily reach them physically, considering the distance isn’t a barrier, it’s best to go visit their office. Having a one-on-one discussion gives room for better explanation and information.

You can see for yourself their listening and comprehension skills and experience their customer service. Also, if their charges tally with your budget, then it’s a good move. You can also check out their vehicles and equipment to see if they will accommodate your requirements. This is a chance to ask any critical questions you may have, such as the prices of the total residential removal, the transit time of your goods, or payment terms and deposit requirements.

Afterward, a representative will likely be sent to your home on a particular day to check out and measure how much will be moved out for them to prepare.

3. Preparation process

It is easier said than done, and a plan without action is futile. Belongings and personal properties often take up more space than you think, so ensure you get an accurate volume estimate. To ensure you’re on the safer side and save time, it’s best to start packing soon. With this, you’ll rediscover belongings you no longer use, need, or want, and to avoid more loads, these items can be sorted out by selling, donating, discarding, or placing in storage.

Moving can be more challenging and more stressful than you think, so start early, plan well and get help from others. Endeavor to make reference and read the contract carefully and ensure it includes; the pickup and delivery address, date and time of moving, household inventory and goods being moved, and details of insurance for any loss or damage.

A few relevant things to be conscious of before moving is to check out the surroundings of your new location for schools, etc., before finalizing your new home. Also, work with your budget by checking the pricing structure for each of your steps, either in or out of Perth, clean your old home, prepare your children for the move, and plan to keep your pets safe during the relocation process. While these may not seem like a big deal, working on them will make moving very easy for you and your family.


Moving is incredibly stressful, so it is imperative to get a professional who can take care of the moving process without any issues or ‘surprise problems,’ not forgetting that reference was made to a professional service.

We hope you found this blog post on Moving to or From Perth? Here Is Your Removalist Checklist useful. Be sure to check out our post on Documents You Should Have Ready When Moving To Australia for more great tips!

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