moving with cats

All cat owners know that cats are not a big fan of change. They are more territorial than dogs, and will always choose a familiar environment over any other. Moving with your cats not only means getting them used to the new place before you can let them roam outside the house but also finding ways to get them used to a brand new routine.

Moving with a cat in the house should be all about minimizing stress, which means the process from packing to traveling should be about you not taking on too much. Check out the top tips that can help alleviate the anxiety for you and your feline pet as you move.

Preparing for the Move

Moving with a pet is never easy. When you are getting ready and only in the packing phase, be calm about the move. The truth is that pets pick up on emotions. If you find yourself feeling stressed out about the entire shebang and fitting into a new place, you could do with a little bit of quality time with your cat. You can do the things that she loves best with her like playing or snuggling.

Get her used to the feeling of home so you can reinforce this later in your new home. Right now you just need things to be normal as they are. This big change is supposed to be about a purpose, not just another event where you panic and stress out.

Try to Replicate

You must try and imitate the environment that your cat had at your old home in the new one. For example, do not forego bringing that cushion your cat loves because you want to buy a new one for the new home. It’s the cat’s spot and will help you remind the pet that it is home.

Cats are very sensitive when it comes to their house, which means you will also have to bring with you their toys, tents, or blankets that they played with. The semblance of your home is your tool to an easy transition.

Introduce the Cat to the New Place

Do not make the mistake of letting your cat loose as soon as you get to your new place. You want her to get used to the new home one room at a time. The way you proceed definitely depends on the personality of your cat. If you know that your cat is fearless and curious, then she will want to get acquainted faster than other cats, but if the cat hesitates every time things change, it might take weeks.

Get your cat used to the bedroom or the bathroom. And under no circumstances let it out of the house till the pet is entirely comfortable inside the house, so that it knows that it has a new routine it must come back to.

Prepare the New House before the Final Day

Before you reach the new place you would want to set things in place. This is so that you don’t get exhausted with all the unpacking and setting things in place on the day of the move. More importantly, this will give you the time to cat proof the house and manage the transition instead of stressing out about setting up appliances, getting food, and worrying how long things can get back to normal.

When you are cat proofing the house, you want to cover escape holes, and get rid of loose string, or exposed wires. If you do not want the cat to open certain doors you must make sure that these doors shut firmly. You need to know the lay of the land anyway before you move in, might as well make it productive in terms of helping your pet cat move in.

Also do not forget to get in touch with a new vet in the new area, unless of course you are moving somewhere close.

Keeping the Cat in One Place

You will be opening and closing the door a lot, especially on the day the local movers arrive. You do not want your cat to make a run for it. The best way to make sure it does not do that is to empty one of the rooms and keep your cat there with its favorite toys and some food. Make sure that not only do you keep the door shut at all times but that there is a sign that warns the movers not to open it.

Scatter treats around the room so that the pet is encouraged to explore. You may not want to keep your cat locked in one room, but at least you can take solace in the fact that they are safe. Furthermore, if you are using a carrier, resist the urge of letting the cat out if you make stops.

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