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In the summer months, it becomes difficult for outdoor appliances to withstand the harsh UV rays. The hot burning sensation is hard to endure for a long time. Therefore, people make it a point to invest money in the best AC unit and air conditioner covers. The air conditioner forms a significant part of the HVAC unit and ensures quality air purification. It will suck in the hot air from indoors and then turn it into a cool breeze. You can set the temperature and timing too if you want.

However, being an electrical device makes it really hard for the product to last for a long time. But you don’t have to worry, as AC units will now get an improved lifespan, thanks to covers. These covers are specifically designed for AC units and will help protect the outdoor unit from harsh weather conditions. All the AC manufacturing units have a separate team working on air conditioner covers. So, you can get covers for your particular model from the same manufacturer, or can custom order it from other providers.

The Right Sizes Of AC Covers:

Now you must be wondering what size of air conditioner cover should you invest in, especially with so many options available in the market! Before picking up cover for your model, remember to measure the unit first. The cover size will vary based on the size of the main unit. The indoor unit will have a different measurement from the outdoor box. So, remember to take different measurements to cover various parts of an AC unit.

  • It is always better to measure the AC’s dimensions on your own and not rely on specs, as they are not always accurate.
  • If you can’t find a cover that exactly matches the dimensions of your unit, get the next larger cover size that is the closest to your AC size.

Other Features To Pay Attention To:

Apart from the size, there are some other features that an AC cover must-have. First of all, the cover needs to be porous and ventilated. The cover needs to be well-ventilated and with enough porous material. This will allow air to flow in and out. It will always keep odors from building up. Also, you have to consider the durability of the cover.

Expectations From Outdoor Unit Covers:

Nowadays, you can purchase outdoor AC covers from reputable online stores. These covers are waterproof and made using polyester with a waterproof coating on top, for double protection. It will protect the machine from sunlight and much more. You can either get only one cover or buy the items in bulk, to save some extra money.

For the outdoor window cover, there will be a change in size, but that won’t hamper the quality of these items. The covers are attractive and are effective in delaying any form of machine aging. They are not only waterproof, but these covers are also cold-resistant, sun-proof, and dustproof. So, remember to check these features before choosing your AC unit.

We hope you found this blog post on Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit With Air Conditioner Covers useful. Be sure to check out our post on Is Your AC System Safe from Brownouts and Power Surges? for more great tips!


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