Tips to Sell Your House Fast and Smoothly

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If you’ve tried selling a property, you know how tedious it can be. From processing papers to closing deals, you need more time and effort to accomplish them. You also need to do everything from scratch if you’re selling without hiring professional real estate agents to help you. Sometimes, you may even have to take a leave from your work to process some of the transactions.

With such, you may want to follow these best practices for a hassle-free transaction: 

  1. Leverage Technology

From paperwork to repeated calls, as well as visiting the clients to scouting for potential buyers, you may be doing them all manually. However, there are now various innovations you can use to make it easy for you and the buyer. 

Nowadays, it’s crucial to leverage the power of technology. By using technologies, you can digitize processes, which makes it easier to transact and conduct the overall selling experience better. That being said, here are some tools you can utilize to sell your home fast and hassle-free:

  • Electronic Transaction

Thanks to the internet, home sellers and buyers can now exchange paperwork electronically. With esign or digital signature, you and your clients can sign contracts and documents virtually. There’s no more need for driving to a client’s house or a conference room to have your client sign a contract. Just find a reliable electronic signature service, send the document to the client, and you now have a signed contract.

  • 3D Virtual House Tour

This technology offers a more comprehensive overview of your house than 2D images. Making a 3D tour has also been made simple. The first step is to download an app and then take a panoramic picture of your entire home. Once done, you can upload it to that app, and the software will turn it into a 3D virtual house tour.

  • Drone Photography

Drone pictures provide a bird’s-eye view shot of your home and your location simultaneously. Drone shots can either be in a photo or video format. But regardless of what you choose, they provide your buyers a holistic view of the property and its neighboring establishments. Sometimes, home buyers also want to check the outside view of the property.

  1. Hire Financial Experts

Amateur home sellers will often make completely avoidable mistakes by doing everything themselves. As a result, they’re more likely to face unnecessary problems and roadblocks than those who turn to professionals for advice.

The repercussions of selling your home on your own have a lasting impact. This can extend even after the deal has been closed. You may need to think about tax charges and other financial difficulties, to name a few. On top of that, you’ll also need to consider your agreement structure, selling price, and the payment term. All of these should be in line with the goals you want to achieve. And these decisions are hard to make on your own. 

Thus, you’re better off working with experts when it comes to major decisions such as selling your home fast. These are financial planners or advisors, investment strategists, and other professionals dealing with real estate finances. These people can help you assess your decision and make sure you’re making the best financial choice according to your situation. 

Working with professionals has become easier since the advent of the internet. Many post their credentials and services online so you can find them with a quick search. The secret is to do your due diligence in selecting someone you’ll be working with since you’ll discuss private information with these people. 

  1. Work With A Professional Real Estate Agent

Hiring real estate agents may be a good move since most homebuyers prefer to purchase from licensed real estate agents. On top of that, it’s probably a wiser decision to leave the selling process to someone who knows what they’re doing. Working with a realtor allows you to sit back and relax while your agent handles most of the work. And the great thing is, your property will be up for sale in a few days without you lifting a finger. 

Moreover, your realtor can take care of everything for you, including scouting for clients and dealing with home inspectors while you can focus on moving. You can also leverage your agent’s wide range of networks. Most realtors have already built a name for themselves and are well-known in the industry, so they may know other agents who may be interested in your property. 

  1. Market Through The Web

Nowadays, people search the internet for almost everything, including properties. Home buyers use the internet to make their search easier. This means if your property has online visibility, you can attract more homebuyers to check on it. 

One popular way to market your house on the internet is to list it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). You can make your listing more inviting by capturing the best features of your home—the more professional real estate photos you have, then the better. When home buyers know what to expect from your property, they’re more likely to want to purchase it. 

However, you may want to expand your listing. Instead of settling with a local MLS, it’s best to widen your target. This means listing your property on other platforms. That way, you can attract more potential clients. These include other listing sites like Craigslist and social media platforms.

The more platforms you use, the more chances you’ll have to increase your online visibility. Not all home buyers are into MLS. Some are looking for properties through social media platforms or other websites. With such, you shouldn’t settle in one listing only.


When selling your home, you want to make it fast and efficient. You don’t want to waste time doing tedious work only to sell your house after months, if not years. That’s why you may want to start applying the tips above so you can have a hassle-free home selling experience. As a result, you can focus on other important aspects of your life.

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