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If you’re going a shorter distance, driving your car will be a better way to get it to your new home. However, to ship your car may be a better option if you’re moving hundreds of miles or internationally, so your situation will determine whether driving or shipping is a better idea.

Is Driving Cheaper?

The short answer is it depends. If you will undertake an extra-long trip, then choosing to ship it will be less expensive. When you drive yourself, you’re putting wear and tear on your car and hundreds of miles on your vehicle.

Additionally, you also have to consider the costs associated with driving to your destination. Costs can include lodging, fuel, meals and snacks, and any other expenses that can pop up, like dealing with a flat tire or having a belt break on your drive.

Shorter distances aren’t as likely to have as many costs associated with them, in which case driving your car would be cheaper. However, going across the country would require you to take breaks along the way to get to your destination safely. These breaks add up, so using a car shipping company would likely be more inexpensive for longer distances.

What Is Easier on You and Your Car?

Shipping is always easier on your car because every vehicle can only go so far before something wears down or needs replacement. More mileage also decreases the value of your vehicle, and if you have any plans on trading it in some time in the future, not having high mileage will be a selling point.

When it comes to you and your driving, shipping is better for your peace of mind. Every mile you add to your drive is another opportunity to end up in an accident, a bad storm, or who knows what else could cause harm to you. While these experiences aren’t likely to happen, it’s still safer if car transport does the work for you.

Is It Faster to Drive Your Car?

This question can be challenging to answer because it depends on the distance you need to go. If you’re traveling a shorter distance, it will be faster to drive your car than planning and executing car transportation.

On the flip side, if you plan to move across the country, driving yourself could easily take a week or longer. If you can’t afford to take that time off from your personal or professional life, shipping a car is going to be better for you.

Do You Want to Relieve Stress?

No one enjoys the stress that comes with driving a vehicle over long distances. Okay, maybe some like the drive, but most people don’t want to drive for days on end. Unfortunately, being on a driving schedule can add stress to your life. Worrying about what time you need to get up and what time you need to be on the road to make the next deadline is stressful.

With a car shipping company, it’s worth it to have that stress relief. A transport is taking your car to meet you at your destination, so you don’t need to stress about the daily driving. Not having that headache may be worth its weight in gold to get your move done with less stress.

How Do You Find a Car Transport Company?

You can search online to find a car transport company, but the key is finding a reputable company that you can trust to take your car from location to location. With that in mind, you need to research to ensure that it’s not a scam and that they have good reviews. Recommendations from people you know can go a long way, too.

When you search, stay away from any companies that require a down payment because no shipping company should make that request. Instead, they should take payment after your car has been delivered. Transport companies keep your vehicle until they’re paid, so the car is collateral to ensure they get what is owed to them. Anything else is likely veering toward a scam.

A Few Final Words

Depending on your situation, you may want to consider a shipping company instead of driving yourself to your destination. It’s a convenience that you should take advantage of to save yourself some sanity. The process starts with finding a good car shipping company, and from there, everything else will fall into place.

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